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War With China

by Sooty Owls

Sooty Owls are a three piece forest-fed original progressive rock band from Warburton in Victoria Australia formed during pandemic lock-downs in 2021. With Ryan Tews on drums, Doc Proctor on bass and PCD on the 12 strings and vocals. Playing progressive rock enviro punk.

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by Draygon Lotter

Sup, I'm Draygon Lotter but my mates often call me Dray, this track is called 10-34(police code for riot) just by the title you can already guess the atmosphere of the song, it's fast paced, heart pumping and filled with rage. It's perfect for bar fights or if you're fixing on rioting

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Down On It

by The Spitfires

The Spitfires made a name for themselves in the late 90’s and early 00’s not only for their raucous, beer-soaked live shows, but also for their well-crafted rock songs. They shared stages with contemporaries like The Hellacopters, The Murder City Devils, The Black Halos, and the New Bomb Turks.

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by david gordon

uk based old school punk rocker writes nostalgic songs with a modern twist

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impulse decisions

by chemical-x

We are a brand new punk band located out of Lodi, NJ called chemical-x. "impulse decisions" is a song written to connect with all of those people out there who make impulsive decisions, whether those decisions be buying excessive amounts of "fancy booze" or "ugly shoes".

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Punk Rock Kitty Cat

by The Nearly Deads

Anar-kitty! Punk Rock Kitty Cat is a fun, campy homage to our musical influences. It's all about being your own unique self and realizing you're purrfect just the way you are! It's about clawing your way through the noise of the world and coming out on the other side totally confident and powerful!

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Shake Rattle Die

by The Prostitutes

We’re the Prostitutes from Baltimore, Maryland. This our latest track, now available on all platforms. We play intense music, heavily influenced by 77 punk and early 80s hardcore.

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Pig Dither

by An English Settlement

We are An English Settlement and are based in the East Midlands. We finished and released 'Pig Dither' on 5th June 2020 in response to the growing frustration of the incompetence of our government during the pandemic. Coming in at 1 minute 9 seconds, it's short, sharp and to the point.

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Revolution Traffic

by Nrvs

Dutifully confrontational with an air of swaggering nonchalance, Nrvs employ alt-rock inspired anthemia that compounds the irony of the miring lyrical narrative; one that reflects on the tech-ridden, self-obsessed, instantaneous world we’ve created.

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River Phoenix

by Medusa

This is the 3rd track from the new album In Bed with Medusa. Recorded by Steve Albini.

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by District 13

District 13';s aim to infuse Heavy Metal and Punk to create their own unique sound and have been described as a cross between Black Sabbath and The Ramones.

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The Elephant Men

We are four men who make music. We are situated in Glasgow, Scotland. We’re like nothing you’ve heard before but also just like everything you’ve heard before. We’re your worst enemy, we’re your best friend. We will astound you. We will appall you. We are The Elephant Men!!

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Kick The Clown

OI! We are Kick The Clown from Woo Town (Worcester). This is the single we released last year. It's alright...its been on a mixtape! If you like it then you should stick around. We are working on our next release and it is gunna be a great ride xxx

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Slack Alices

They are a Manchester based punk band called Slack Alices. Their sound is classic 70s punk with a touch of rockabilly. Their debut single is Devils Whore.

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The Binge

Hi! This is Heavy Punk Metal! I wrote it when I was hyper on fever. Thrash metal guitars, chromatic detective-movie verses combined with punk-ish vocals that goes high pitch in the chorus. Sex pistols goes Priest goes Stone Age goes Venom goes New York Dolls on speed. Hope you like it!

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BabyOil and Beef

Oy Oy an offering from anonymous Brighton punk outfit - we come, we go, we like it like that. Want you to listen and like - don't care about money or getting known

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Towers of London

Hello there, my name's Tommy and I’m in the band Towers Of London. We’ve been playing for 12 years, it’s been a long time coming but only now do we feel that we’ve got a record that people are really gonna get behind. Give it a spin! :)

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Ed Roman

Aggressive, in your face punk rock...the way it was meant to be. No Clones about it!

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