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Color Blind

by El Sancho

We're a little punk rock band from the Big Island of Hawaii. We write short and fast punk songs about all the bad things in the world, but mostly we just like to rock out and have fun.

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Everybody's Famous

by Tonota 80

We are Tonota 80, three friends who like to make sweet music together and enjoy the odd Eccles cake. It would be lovely if someone liked us, double figures would be good.

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Little Blue Tyrants

by The Scoffs

The Scoffs hail from the Needle City (Seattle) where the grey skies loom above and the rain beats out a rhythm that fuels their vintage punk rock vibes.

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Let's Be Bad

by Cash Registers

Cash Registers are a bunch of New York City cranks who play raw, melodic punk to the dwindling number of humans who prefer live music to the company of their phones. 'Let's Be Bad' was released 11/19. A 3rd full-length is due in 2020.

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Fielding Chase

We are a punk/pop band from the north east of Scotland. ‘Now is the Time’ is our debut album which contains songs with references to the classic movies Frankenstein, Close Encounters, Day of the Triffids and more

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Jackdaw Choir

Jackdaw Choir formed over 30 years ago and used to knock about with bands like Blyth Power and Eastfield. Favourite gig ever played?t Winchester Festival, supporting Chumbawamba and Leatherface.

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Pardon Us

We're Pardon Us from Liverpool. Here's the first of two singles written fuelled by rage, coffee and non-alcoholic beer of variable quality in the run up to our debut album (out July 2019). This is our tribute to the most deluded PM in British history....

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Sick Things

After years hustling and riffing hard in bands like Barnburner, Trigger Effect and Beat Cops, Sick Things have melded a sound like no other. Combining the hooks and melodies that Cheap Trick and The Cars forgot to write and the raw energy of The Hellacopters and The Buzzcocks.

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Escape the Future

I'm Joe, singer and bassist in ETF and I'm sick of constant powerful mainstream manufactured pop taking over the industry - I want to bring punk back to life and let fans rock out at my gigs!

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Spike Polite & sewAge

Hi everybody, I am Spike Polite & sewAge is my band. We are from NYC from the punk & hardcore era of CBDG's. We have fun performing our newest track "orgaZm" for you on our upcoming West Coast show.

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Tommy and the Commies

From swingin’ Sudbury, Ontario, here come Tommy and the Commies with our debut recordings for Slovenly Recordings, "Here Come Tommy and the Commies!" The album is 16 blistering minutes of hooliganistic mod-punk madness that features members of Strange Attractor and Statues (P. Trash Records).

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Bakers Eddy

Fast rising New Zealand bred, Melbourne-based punk rockers Bakers Eddy are back with the visuals for ‘Good Decisions’. Taken from their EP ‘I’m Not Making Good Decisions’.

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