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Talkin' 2 You

by Stud Count

This track marks the beginning of Stud Count’s new era of music as they announce their signing with Smartpunk Records for the release of their upcoming album in 2022. The track is a brazen, high energy love song about finding “the one."

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Escape the Future

I'm Joe, singer and bassist in ETF and I'm sick of constant powerful mainstream manufactured pop taking over the industry - I want to bring punk back to life and let fans rock out at my gigs!

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Spike Polite & sewAge

Hi everybody, I am Spike Polite & sewAge is my band. We are from NYC from the punk & hardcore era of CBDG's. We have fun performing our newest track "orgaZm" for you on our upcoming West Coast show.

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The Twinkles

The new Twinkles album contains 10 songs in the classic style of the band, pure punk 77 full of melodies and sensational choruses that bring to mind bands like Boys, Ramones, Undertones, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Skids, 999.

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