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Cloud Nine

by Vibration Boys

We're Vibration Boys from Bristol, we're heavily influenced by bands like Scowl, The Damned, Turnstile, Cro Mags and more influences from all the alternative and hardcore scenes. Our most recent release 'Cloud Nine' is a blend of all of these influences in one single.

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Black Friar

by Shop Talk

Hey y'all, we're Shop Talk from Brooklyn and we'd like to share this track Black Friar off our debut EP The Offering. It's dark and reminiscent of early punk and a really good song to eat corn dogs to! Get into it.

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On The Booze (Again)

by The Panpanics

Are you sick of all the keyboard warriors who poison the internet? Have you had it with people who say one thing while under the influence of alcohol and another thing when sober? If they dare to speak at all when not drunk. Well, we certainly are fed up with them and this song is dedicated to them!

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by The Plague

We are The Plague, a punk band from Norway. Our album, Acid Punk will be released in October. The first single will be released on august 1st. Even though our music categorizes as Punk Rock, we stretch into other territories. Punk riffing, blasting drums and drops of acid are things to look out for.

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by Wrong Odds

Wrong Odds go 'Psycho' with their debut single. A taping foot, a nodding head, or a chaotic mosh pit, this punk rock duo aims to make you move. The songs are fast, loud and bound to get stuck in your head.

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by Bad Mary

Hey Friends! We're Bad Mary a punk rock band from New York! This song, Addicted was the first single off of our last album, The Return of Space Girl. We first played this song on our tour of Japan in 2019 and its video was shot at a show in Tokyo! Rock on!

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Grizzly End

by Cool Chair

A fun B-horror movie themed blend of catchy melodic punk and post-hardcore with unexpected elements of both progressive and death metal. Full album The HorrorShow is the perfect Halloween soundtrack, out October 22nd!

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Fuck Sake

by S.B.T

We're S.B.T, a punk band from Norfolk in the UK. We've been a band for the past 3 years, writing a mix of dark/dissonant songs and tongue in cheek punky tunes. This is our track Fuck Sake, a song that always goes down well live and gets everyone shouting along with us.

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The Fireman

by The Red Lite District

Hi All, We are The Red Lite District, and this is one of the tracks from our fifth EP, Peephole. This track is literally about going mental during lockdown, I think we have all felt a bit deranged lately. But dont take the advice we give you in this track seriously.

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Mean Queen

by Poison Boys

Hey there, We're the Poison Boys, a 1970s punk rock n roll styled band from Chicago that stays true to form. Mean Queen is a raw motorcycle rock/protopunk type hit celebrating bad ass women/queens/sex workers, on our fourth 7" was just released on Chicago's Hobo Wolfman Records.

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Young Lost Rebel

by Jon Crabb

Hey guys! My name is Jon Crabb, I am a rockabilly/punk musician and I have just released this single of "Young Lost Rebel" only earlier this week! It's about the frustration and confusion a young person feels when joining a rebellious gang or organisation, and questions their purpose. Enjoy!

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Hard Of Thinking

by Disgraceland

We're Disgraceland, 3 arrogant misfits from Devon who just want to make an unholy racket that takes the last 60 years of rock and roll history, crank up the distortion and hammer the foot to the floor.

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Video Nasty

by das GHOUL

Hello! We are "das GHOUL"......horrorpunk rock'n'rollers from Oxford. We do hope you take the time to give this nasty ditty a listen!...If so, marvellous behaviour! Enjoy!

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Chasing Crazy

by Rx27

Rx27 will make you feel things you have never felt before or wish you never did. Our lyrics will rip your beliefs in half, and the choruses will rattle around your head for days. Our goth punk songs tell tales from the dark side of life.

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Julie's Got a Gun

by Alternative Radio

we are a Milwaukee based punk rock 'n roll band, that met at an art school in Chicago. We all have love for 70's bands and the rock and roll they produced. We want to bring back that sense of danger and attitude to rock music.

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UkePunk began in Ramsbottom, Lancs in July 2009, initially as a solo project. Their debut album Punk Police (2014) and subsequent EP From The North gained rave reviews from Louder Than War and Vive Le Rock. Their new album 'I Blame The Parents' was released on 1st May 2019.

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SV & the Eruptions

We are Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions, this is a track from our NEW album DOUBLE BASTARD due out on June 21st, thanks for checking us out! YES!

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Plague UK

Hi we're Plague UK, we're Punk, we're Rock, We're in yer face.. we have the old school feel to very modern attitude, but not forgetting the roots of Punk. You get all the frills with a little bit more...

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The Twinkles

The new Twinkles album contains 10 songs in the classic style of the band, pure punk 77 full of melodies and sensational choruses that bring to mind bands like Boys, Ramones, Undertones, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Skids, 999.

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The Split Seconds

We deliver a bold brand of raw 70's-style punk with undertones of reggae, rockabilly, classic pop, and garage rock. Our upcoming album "Counterfeit Reality" documents our experience as a punk band in the ultimate government town and being fed up with insulation, excess, abstractions, and lies.

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