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1. Spinning Wheels 2. Listen Up! 3. Battle Cries 4. Bloodlines

by Dead Low

Greetings, we are a brand new Punk Rock N Roll band called DEAD LOW. Formed in late 2019 on the barren shores of Massachusetts. The power trio lineup consists of some well seasoned members from bands such as REVILERS, LED TO THE GRAVE, and FAST TIMES. Hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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The Cave (Where Spirits Hide)

by Lion Trail

Hello punktastic! Inspired by Plato's cave and Spider Jerusalem I came to the conclusion of mixing Doom\Sludge with Punk & Hardcore. The song is about how the news is just entertainment these days, and we all hide from the truth. This is my 2nd track, I hope you'd enjoy it!

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Habgida Hagdola

by Helem

Hey, we are "Helem", an Anti-fascist and politic punk rock band from Tel Aviv, Isreal.

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Radioactive Rats

Hi. We started in 2003 in the Polish town of Namyslow as Potluczony Kaloryfer. In 2013 Ewa (vocals) now living in the UK decided to reconstitute the band under the name Radioactive Rats. We play energetic metal tinged hardcore punk. Check us out!

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