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Get Away

by Insanidade

Get Away” is the opening track of the new album “Dogs Of The Subway” by the band Insanidade, The track brings a high energy on the album, a very Rock n Roll track with influences from The Hellacopters and Motorhead.

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by The Traders

THE TRADERS is a 3 piece band from France, Think about Motörhead meets with Dead To Me. After a few kids and a long pandemic, a new song, "Grandiose", comes out in april 2023. With this rough and loud punk anthem the band announce they're back, a new album ready to be released in September 2023 !

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Don't Stop

by Angry Cougars

People of Earth: we are Angry Cougars, and we made a 67-second video for the first track on our new 12" vinyl LP ("Angry Cougars II"). We're from Columbus OH but we want to come to YOUR TOWN!

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21st Century Affliction

by Disgraceland

Disgraceland are 3 grizzled old punks from Devon making a noise that takes in nearly 70 years of rock and roll history and roughs it up a bit. 21st Century Affliction is about how toxic modern life, particularly social media can be.

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by The Plague

We are The Plague, a punk band from Norway. Our album, Acid Punk will be released in October. The first single will be released on august 1st. Even though our music categorizes as Punk Rock, we stretch into other territories. Punk riffing, blasting drums and drops of acid are things to look out for.

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Kill Me If I Ever...

by Butchers Bill

Hi, we are Butchers Bill from NYC and this is a cut off of our third album called "American Trash". The name of the song is "Kill Me If I Ever...". Enjoy!!!

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Gimme Germs

by The Monsters

We're The Monsters and we've been around for a minute. Our new album, You're Class, I'm Trash is released by Voodoo Rhythm, Slovenly Recordings, and Sounds of Subterrania.

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by Krash Riders

Hello there, Only needs only 3 points to describe the band : - Tasty riffs - Visual trashing - Hard hitting sound And after years burning every f**** place met and releasing 2 clips, we finally are about to release our first album. A sweet angry and untameable and cocktail : The Apocalyptic Road.

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Death March

by Madicide

Hello! We are Madicide, a four piece Groove/Thrash metal band based in South Wales (U.K) & formed in 2011. We've been lucky enough to have our latest single played recently on both BBC Radio (The Adam Walton Show), TotalRock Radio and many more - we're just trying to keep the momentum going! Cheers

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Nobody Cares About America Anymore

by The Bloody Hell

It’s been two years since Halifax, Canada’s The Bloody Hell released their award-nominated (Loud Recording of the Year” – NSMA 2018) self-titled debut album and now they are ready to end the apocalypse known as 2020 with a taste of their new single “Nobody Cares About America Anymore”.

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Assassination is our manifesto-song. Two minutes, fifteen seconds, to answer modern man’s three big questions: Who are we? Where are we going? Could you please turn up the volume?

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1. Spinning Wheels 2. Listen Up! 3. Battle Cries 4. Bloodlines

by Dead Low

Greetings, we are a brand new Punk Rock N Roll band called DEAD LOW. Formed in late 2019 on the barren shores of Massachusetts. The power trio lineup consists of some well seasoned members from bands such as REVILERS, LED TO THE GRAVE, and FAST TIMES. Hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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Mean Queen

by Poison Boys

Hey there, We're the Poison Boys, a 1970s punk rock n roll styled band from Chicago that stays true to form. Mean Queen is a raw motorcycle rock/protopunk type hit celebrating bad ass women/queens/sex workers, on our fourth 7" was just released on Chicago's Hobo Wolfman Records.

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Hard Of Thinking

by Disgraceland

We're Disgraceland, 3 arrogant misfits from Devon who just want to make an unholy racket that takes the last 60 years of rock and roll history, crank up the distortion and hammer the foot to the floor.

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Life is Calling

by Raphy & Adry

Hello! We are Raphy & Adry, and play heavy Rock Music with Cello, Saxophone, Drums and Vocals. This is our new Single of our first Album "Somethin' Fancy" that came out the 20th of March!

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Burn it Down

by Raphy & Adry

Heavy Metal with Cello and Saxophone! This is Burn it Down from our new Album "Somethin' Fancy"! Check it out!

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Take Me Home

by Tight Lipped

Hey guys, this track, Take Me Home, is the 1st on our new EP So Tight! It's super heavy old school, people call us 70's inspired, so we hope you'll take a listen. It's a banger. Feel free to post or share. Thanks!

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Against All Odds

by Crashed Out

Hi guys we have been around since 1995, this is a brand new recording from us hopefully included on our new album that should be out later this year. The song is all about standing up for yourself and what you believe in and doing your own thing Viva le punk shout it out loud!

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by Detonator

We're Detönatör from Seattle, WA, and we write fast songs about cars, rock n' roll, defiling door-to-door proselytizers, dying at sea, and crazy stories that happened to us on the road! If you like your rock fast and tight, we're your band!

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SV & the Eruptions

We are Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions, this is a track from our NEW album DOUBLE BASTARD due out on June 21st, thanks for checking us out! YES!

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