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On The Booze (Again)

by The Panpanics

Are you sick of all the keyboard warriors who poison the internet? Have you had it with people who say one thing while under the influence of alcohol and another thing when sober? If they dare to speak at all when not drunk. Well, we certainly are fed up with them and this song is dedicated to them!

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Vill inte vara här

by Planet Trash

Hey! We're a hardcoreband that just released our latest record, our first in swedish, called "Blodspår 2020". The first track called "Vill inte vara här" (I dont wanna stay around), is about ridding yourself of toxic people that by mere presence pollutes the air around you. Available on vinyl now!

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SV & the Eruptions

We are Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions, this is a track from our NEW album DOUBLE BASTARD due out on June 21st, thanks for checking us out! YES!

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We are Crapsons. Signed by link2wales Records. Well known for our on-stage energy, we cross over heavy, distorted punchy riffs with comical, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, singing about everyday pressing topics from deaths, sheds and biscuits

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