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'ang On A Minute' we are called PollyPikPocketz and we have just released our mini album. What's it called again...? Well anyway, you should listen to it, otherwise, we are gonna come round your house and make you listen to it loud and live!

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Spike Polite & sewAge

Hi everybody, I am Spike Polite & sewAge is my band. We are from NYC from the punk & hardcore era of CBDG's. We have fun performing our newest track "orgaZm" for you on our upcoming West Coast show.

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Not Robots?

Good day Punktastic readers! We are Not Robots? A 4 piece post punk band from Edinburgh who make bombastic noise and confuse people into thinking we are in fact not robots? We recently released our debut single, it's pretty damn cool and we believe all ears should be deafened by it.

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