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Julie's Got a Gun

by Alternative Radio

we are a Milwaukee based punk rock 'n roll band, that met at an art school in Chicago. We all have love for 70's bands and the rock and roll they produced. We want to bring back that sense of danger and attitude to rock music.

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The Strawberries

Refusing to settle down after their hard hitting heavy ballad 'In Your Dreams', The Strawberries have changed the game once again in the form of a smooth, yet spikey, soul inspired single, 'Oh No Not Again'. This is a song for people who have been holding back and need a release.

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Scratch Buffalo

Hi! We're a garage rock trio and our album was released May 18. Hutch Harris of the Thermal's produced it! Our music is a combination of garage rock, 70's punk, surf guitar and deeply personal lyrics. We formed in 2014, and released EP's in 2016 and 2017.

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