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by Draygon Lotter

Sup, I'm Draygon Lotter but my mates often call me Dray, this track is called 10-34(police code for riot) just by the title you can already guess the atmosphere of the song, it's fast paced, heart pumping and filled with rage. It's perfect for bar fights or if you're fixing on rioting

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Hooligans shampoo

by Vanity Rose

Hi, my names vanity Rose and I am an up and coming new wave punk singer songwriter and guitarist from Bedford, Bedfordshire. Im aiming to be the spearhead of punk for this generation. Think Debbie Harry meets polystyrene! The world will never been the same again.

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The Fireman

by The Red Lite District

Hi All, We are The Red Lite District, and this is one of the tracks from our fifth EP, Peephole. This track is literally about going mental during lockdown, I think we have all felt a bit deranged lately. But dont take the advice we give you in this track seriously.

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Mean Queen

by Poison Boys

Hey there, We're the Poison Boys, a 1970s punk rock n roll styled band from Chicago that stays true to form. Mean Queen is a raw motorcycle rock/protopunk type hit celebrating bad ass women/queens/sex workers, on our fourth 7" was just released on Chicago's Hobo Wolfman Records.

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LDNYC (Lockdonw NYC)

by The Velvicks

Meet The Velvicks. According to the drummer, the EP is about bringing Stadium Rock into your pockets. This song 'LDNYC' is about punching corona back in the face.

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Revolution Traffic

by Nrvs

Dutifully confrontational with an air of swaggering nonchalance, Nrvs employ alt-rock inspired anthemia that compounds the irony of the miring lyrical narrative; one that reflects on the tech-ridden, self-obsessed, instantaneous world we’ve created.

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Hard Of Thinking

by Disgraceland

We're Disgraceland, 3 arrogant misfits from Devon who just want to make an unholy racket that takes the last 60 years of rock and roll history, crank up the distortion and hammer the foot to the floor.

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Bad Taste

by Nrvs

Creating unique sounds that are left of punk rock, their hardcore & gritty sound is far from ordinary. Pulling inspiration from ecological collapse, social dislocation, science fiction, one half of the duo is notably in Extinction Rebellion, with plenty to say.

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Create & Rebel

by The Sewer Cats

Hi all, we're The Sewer Cats, a punk duo from Manchester full of furry fury! 'Create & Rebel' is from our debut EP 'Zelda', released in April on Hell Hath No Fury Records. It's about rejecting the milestones society asks us to tick off and instead creating things just for the sake of it.

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Love Song

by Percy

Yorkshire based Percy gained notoriety in the early nineties when their home brand of left-field post-punk led to a record deal with legendary Leeds label Mook Records. Sounding fresher than ever, this is 'Love Song'.

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Energy Gone Wrong

by Spider

We are Spider and this is the new lyric video for the title track of our "Energy Gone Wrong" EP. We made a video intended to capture the nihilistic, resilient, raw and visceral nature of our live show. Hope you like it!

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We're WRECK and this is our new single Toyboy, the only track to feature and be pre-released as a single on the new EP; Satisfied?. An enthralling follow up 4-track EP which features the immaculate production of Tarek Musa of Spring King (Circa Waves, Gengahr, The Big Moon).

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by Primitive State

I've been writing songs for 7 years, purely for myself. It wasn't until last year my record producer buddy said he'd do an album for me for free, simply because he wanted a copy for himself to listen to. The song 'Streetwalker' is like if The Stooges and The White Stripes banged. True story.

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Imperial Wax

Imperial Wax (formed by three 11 year veterans of the longest serving and last line up of legendary band, The Fall) are pleased to present their debut album "Gastwerk Saboteurs", delivering twelve memorable songs showcasing their distinctly vital and infectious blend of post-punk and garage rock!

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The Ringards

Hello guys, We’re the Ringards. We are a newly formed alternative punk band based in Hackney, and wanted to share our anti Brexit tune with you, hope it’s of your interest...

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Avalanche Party

Yorkshire’s Avalanche Party have revealed a brand new cut today in the form of vampiric new single Million Dollar Man. Bold and brash, the track features stabbing electronic elements, oscillating bass grooves and captures Avalanche Party’s undeniable free spirit.

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The Emperors Of Ice Cream

Hey Punktastic team! We're The Emperors Of Ice Cream, an eclectic post-punk quartet from Brighton - somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Butthole Surfers.

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Horrible Dolphins


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Viagra Boys

An unapologetically febrile presence and animalistic energy. A sharp and potent distillation of punk at its most infectious, sleazy and dangerous.

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A founding member of The Damned, Brian James wrote and played on the first ever UK punk single - New Rose! This is from his debut solo album. The video was shot by Tim and Poppy from Brummie garage punks, Table Scraps!

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