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Bloody Nose

by Birds Fear Death

I'm Kelly and I make music under the name Birds Fear Death. This track is from an album which I wrote and recorded in my bedroom. It's noisy and rough but hopefully enjoyable.

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Mini Meltdowns

This is our first recorded song, and it's melodic, catchy, bratty, and a bit aggressive. Jon Phillip on vocals/guitar/drums (Limbeck, Ben Weasel, Tommy Stinson) with Scott Schoenbeck on bass (Dashboard Confessional, Promise Ring).

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Unqualified Nurse Band

Hello! We're releasing the new (and third) Unqualified Nurse Band album this year. It's called UNB3. A link to the first song Spit & Howl is below. It's a 2 minute blast of Melodic Hardcore Punkabilly Chaos (is that even a thing?!?!).

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