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They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon

by Damn Vandals

Hey Punktastic, Here's our new single 'They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon'. It's from our third LP 'You, Me,The Devil And The Sunshine' which will be out later this year. Hope you enjoy the track! Jack, Frank, Tizzy, Chris.

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The Split Seconds

We deliver a bold brand of raw 70's-style punk with undertones of reggae, rockabilly, classic pop, and garage rock. Our upcoming album "Counterfeit Reality" documents our experience as a punk band in the ultimate government town and being fed up with insulation, excess, abstractions, and lies.

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The Grizzly Adams Band

Hey folks, we're The Grizzly Adams Band from Germany and we play kind of a Garage-Pop-Punk. We're four very uncool guys and just released our brandnew 7" (vinyl only) in a DIY way on our friend Peet's Label Chief Recordings. Here's one of the four songs - who knows, maybe you'll like and spread it!

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