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by The Wednesday Play

We are post punk duo The Wednesday Play and this is our debut single “Flickers”. Recorded and produced by multi-instrumentalist Sam Soper with lyrics and vocals by Robert Paul, “Flickers“ is a blistering post-punk track featuring a wild saxophone solo by Chuchi Malpersona (Jim Jones All Stars).

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by the Black Halos

Vancouver’s the Black Halos look to a slightly different golden age than that of the Clash and the Buzzcocks; they’re more enamoured of the glammed-up trash-rock of the New York Dolls, the sonic scuzz of the Stooges, and the snotty nihilism of the Dead Boys

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Last day in L.A.

by Healthy Junkies

Hiya. We wrote this song during our U.S.A. tour of 2018. Saying goodbye to the city of angels was not easy as we wer flying high and on a roll. But all good things come to an end. At least we got a song out of it! This is an uptempo new wave/punk stomper and it waves goodbye to the world.

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Little Blue Tyrants

by The Scoffs

The Scoffs hail from the Needle City (Seattle) where the grey skies loom above and the rain beats out a rhythm that fuels their vintage punk rock vibes.

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To Live or Live Not

by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads

Hi. This is the first video track from our new, 4th album, 'Don't Blame Yourself'. It's the story of a man who decides enough is enough, rents his house out on Airbnb, catches a plane to Caracas and looks for a girl with whom to dance all night and sleep all day. After all, why go somewhere safe?

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Big Shovel

by Mouth Feel

Hey! We're Mouth Feel from Winnipeg, MB and we just released our debut album. We've been a band for a couple years now. Feel free to download the album as many times as you want! We're super proud of it

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All Talk

by Healthy Junkies

Hiya. This is Healthy Junkies. All Talk is the name of our forthcoming new single. We are calling out the lies, deceit and layer upon layer of Bull Sh#t that people are being subjected to. The fake news, the denials, the empty promises.

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They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon

by Damn Vandals

Hey Punktastic, Here's our new single 'They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon'. It's from our third LP 'You, Me,The Devil And The Sunshine' which will be out later this year. Hope you enjoy the track! Jack, Frank, Tizzy, Chris.

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The Split Seconds

We deliver a bold brand of raw 70's-style punk with undertones of reggae, rockabilly, classic pop, and garage rock. Our upcoming album "Counterfeit Reality" documents our experience as a punk band in the ultimate government town and being fed up with insulation, excess, abstractions, and lies.

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The Grizzly Adams Band

Hey folks, we're The Grizzly Adams Band from Germany and we play kind of a Garage-Pop-Punk. We're four very uncool guys and just released our brandnew 7" (vinyl only) in a DIY way on our friend Peet's Label Chief Recordings. Here's one of the four songs - who knows, maybe you'll like and spread it!

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