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Six-Figure Sum


The heavy-glam closer to MFMB's new long-player, all sneer and bitter pomp, goose-stepping through the corridors of Goldman Sachs and right over the album's burgeoning sense of hope. Like The Doors' apocalyptic farewell to the 60s, 'The End,' via Michael Gira's worst hangover.

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Aum / Olive Trees

by Dandy Island

Hello amazing people of punktastic. We have shared our next EP with you this is our first EP. It took us a year and a half to record,mix and master because of the... you-know-what. Hope you enjoy! It will be aired on 30th of april. Stay safe .

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They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon

by Damn Vandals

Hey Punktastic, Here's our new single 'They Won't Be Happy Till They Blow Up The Moon'. It's from our third LP 'You, Me,The Devil And The Sunshine' which will be out later this year. Hope you enjoy the track! Jack, Frank, Tizzy, Chris.

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Highway 7

by The Creature Comfort

Highway 7 is a hook-laden Grinderman-meets-MC5 piece of rock heaven, a driving song for the lost generation.  We're part-Stooges, part-Doors, all Manchester, and one of the most exciting live acts around!

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Stoned Ape Theory

by Muskrat Meadows

Hello! This is Rebecca on behalf of Vancouver band Muskrat Meadows bringing you their debut single "Stoned Ape Theory" The band paired up with animator Benjamin Christensen on the music video to elevate the track to a new level with chaotic visuals.

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Desert Clouds

With a diverse spectrum of influences sweeping from Leonard Cohen to Black Sabbath, and from The Doors to Soundgarden, DESERT CLOUDS pull you in and wash you over with their own brand of atmospheric alt-rock. The band release their new album, Nothing Beyond The Cage, on Friday 18th January.

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