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by Astrokraut

Hey we are Astrokraut (Garage/Surf/Punk) from the Blackforest in Germany. This Song is on our latest album "Trash Attack" (released on the 13th of Nov. 2021) and it's about being abducted by aliens. Enjoy!

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Basic Principles


We are Milliner, a 2 piece assault . Featuring members of Jaya The Cat And Barstool Preachers, our aim is to create a wall of noise you can’t ignore. Big riffs, blaring vocals and blistering drums ensure that we leave our mark. We Have 2 Ep's Released and a debut album in production

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Aum / Olive Trees

by Dandy Island

Hello amazing people of punktastic. We have shared our next EP with you this is our first EP. It took us a year and a half to record,mix and master because of the... you-know-what. Hope you enjoy! It will be aired on 30th of april. Stay safe .

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Away We Go

by Cold Company

Ever wondered what the Grim Reaper's routine is like?....Look no further. This is my debut track from an upcoming EP which is set for release in a number of months from now. This is a passion project, a Covid baby which has finally seen the light of day after years of heartbreak and graft.

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by Spud

Hey dude, we are Spud we have played stoner genre where we have call our genre is left wing stoner. Lazuardi its our second single talking about how disgusting human behavior is reaching the worldly life they desire. From this song you can hear Stoner music with Hardcore Punk spirits.

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by Summoners

Summoners are a 4-piece rock band based in Portsmouth/London who have been best friends since meeting in school and college and are excited to be coming together to play what we love: heavy, dirty, riffy rock.

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Young Offender

by Duke of Vandals

We are Duke of Vandals, a punk-metal band based in Brooklyn, New York. "Young Offender" is our newest single, if you miss being at a loud live show, in the mosh pit, you can sing along with us to this track while in quarantine and feel like you are at one of our shows.

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by District 13

District 13';s aim to infuse Heavy Metal and Punk to create their own unique sound and have been described as a cross between Black Sabbath and The Ramones.

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Five AM

by Fights

"Five AM" is a message to all of those caring so much about everything to relax a bit. This is about the fact that few good things happens after midnight, but it can be healthy and good for you to get away sometimes and care less.

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Hey there! My name is Kurt are a Psych-Rock trio from Bristol called Raptor. the band consists of my brother Adam on Drums, Nick on Bass and me on guitar & vocals. We've been touring the UK, opened up for Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and are releasing our first LP this May 17th! x

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Imperial Wax

Imperial Wax (formed by three 11 year veterans of the longest serving and last line up of legendary band, The Fall) are pleased to present their debut album "Gastwerk Saboteurs", delivering twelve memorable songs showcasing their distinctly vital and infectious blend of post-punk and garage rock!

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Rites of Hadda

Hey, we're Rites of Hadda, an anarcho-pagan-gothic-stoner-punk band that formed as the result of a weekly jam night in a North London squat. Drawing inspiration from the band's diverse tastes, we create a blend of heavy-hitting punk, psychedelic and melodic; from light to shade, anger and elation!

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KorrectioN was formed in the summer of 2016 in Athens Greece. Full details in our FB page.

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Desert Clouds

With a diverse spectrum of influences sweeping from Leonard Cohen to Black Sabbath, and from The Doors to Soundgarden, DESERT CLOUDS pull you in and wash you over with their own brand of atmospheric alt-rock. The band release their new album, Nothing Beyond The Cage, on Friday 18th January.

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Lilith And The Knight

LILITH AND THE KNIGHT showcase a technical trio who possess the ability to scorch any horizon in front of them. This enterprising quartet have a singled minded purpose: to push guitar music into the next generation of its evolution. The band release 'War Cry' on Friday 30th November

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Broncos is a brazen 90s rock band from Brooklyn for the modern era. The single Human is a heavy-hitting demand for inclusivity, railing against exclusion, xenophobia, and ultimately self-destruction, from their upcoming album Revenge.

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Hello readers. We are EYEBALL, we come from the Moon. We don't really have a marketable genre and are probably the most un-trendy band you're likely to hear. We make weird videos and bizarre ear candy, and it's nice to meet all of you.

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Hi! We're Witchsister, an all-female, all-family band of shrieking garage rock banshees. Part punk, part rock, part metal, and all powerhouse, the darkly alluring sound of our music casts spells that enrapture listeners from start to finish.

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Heavy rockers LUCIFER will release their much anticipated second studio album, “Lucifer II” on 6th July 2018. Check out the retro-style video for "Calfornia Son", the first track on the album.

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Hello, we're Bear Chest, A heavy three piece from Sheffield who love riffs and beer. We're due to release our second EP - "Leather and Sweat" on the 4th May

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