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by Black Tree Vultures

Emerging hard-hitting rockers BLACK TREE VULTURES drop their new single, 'Pull Apart', on Friday 21st February. This single has been produced by well-regarded producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Funeral For a Friend, Bring Me The Horizon), and is sure to see the UK metallers sail through the ranks.

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by Nocturne Wulf

NOCTURNE WULF have engineered a sound that calls upon the ferocious drive of Slayer, underpinned by the mastery of Iron Maiden. NOCTURNE WULF release their self-titled new album, on Friday 19th July. The band have just dropped a new track, Necrodancer -

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Going Through

by Steel Bridges

I'm Philippe Routhier. Steel Bridges is my solo one-man-band instrumental project. There is a lot of fast, quite technical and melodic guitar riffs in this. It is 100% instrumental and intense. Inspired by technical skatepunk and fast metal! Just release my first album: Flames. Its clean and tight!

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Blinding Eye Dog

Blinding Eye Dog is here to help make the world aware of the imminent arrival of the Great Old Ones. When we aren't doing that, we are playing metal tainted punk rock in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

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Hi! We're Witchsister, an all-female, all-family band of shrieking garage rock banshees. Part punk, part rock, part metal, and all powerhouse, the darkly alluring sound of our music casts spells that enrapture listeners from start to finish.

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X Raiders

Hi, with great pride we would like to present our latest video: a piece of absurdist craftsmanship. The song - rock 'n' roll punk with Iron Maiden style solos - is about people who have the feeling they are not being heard. The cherry on the pie comes from Dutch rock legend Dikke Dennis.

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We are an Irish band of Limerick dwelling noise merchants consisting of Ciaran, Kieran and Kieran and we enjoy The Mighty Ducks and playing loud. Sometimes concurrently.

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