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by Class Tourists

Hi, We’re Class Tourists, a diy hardcore/ska punk band from Yorkshire, UK. THREE FIVE is about weed. With that context, the lyrics are self-explanatory!

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Orgy Of Hate

by ChumHuffer

Hey punktastic people, we are ChumHuffer and hail from the state of New York. Check out our new track from our new release Orgy of Hate. It's a view into how hate runs our lives but we can change it if we want to. It's up to us. Actions speak louder than words. It's time for an orgy.

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X Raiders

Hi, with great pride we would like to present our latest video: a piece of absurdist craftsmanship. The song - rock 'n' roll punk with Iron Maiden style solos - is about people who have the feeling they are not being heard. The cherry on the pie comes from Dutch rock legend Dikke Dennis.

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