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From Stevenage, this is Suffer No Fools with some Melodic Metal

  • Melodic Metal

Six Feet Deep

by Suffer No Fools

Howdy, we are Suffer No Fools, this track comes from our upcoming album 'We Die As We Live' (out April 17th), it's one of our darker, heavier tracks, with a subject matter to boot! If you like bleak music with a sing-along chorus with lush vocal harmonies you're in luck, enjoy!




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Our verdict

Suffer No Fools kick things off with a huge driving riff. Before long it's swirling into a hazily drunken chorus, then powers out. With dark lyrical matter and meaty guitars, it's a weighty slice of metal. Yet its stoner Nirvana-inflected chorus adds a welcome extra dimension.

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