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Bigger Than Just Memories

by Faded Polaroids

Hey dudes! We are Faded Polaroids and we recently released our debut EP "Bigger Than Just Memories". This whole piece was done completely DIY. Five songs between melancholy and a spirit of optimism, eager to be finally heard by the rest of the world.

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Mountain Engine

by Tiger Valley Gunrun

Mountain Engine follows a 1940s Tennessee bootlegger who returned home after fighting in the Pacific and found himself running contraband. The song is the debut single from Tiger Valley Gunrun and is the title track for the EP of the same name due to release late summer/early fall 2023.

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Hey Folks, We are the FIRE ANTS FROM URANUS and we play melodic punk rock. On May 26th 2023 we will release our new Album PIZZA SUPERNOVA on LP/CD-Digipak and all digital platforms. Nine melodic punk rock songs full of dynamics, speed, humor and a sprinkle of pop punk.

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Wolves Among Us

by Harsh Reaalms

HARSH REALMS released a new song: “Wolves Among Us” it's a three-and-a-half-minute track and its about people abusing the goodness and hard work of others. With this single, the band reincarnates as itself and is ready for a second life. A new round, with fresh releases and live shows!

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How Prophetic

by When The Walls Fell

Hi everyone, we're When The Walls Fell and this is one of the first tracks off our debut record, Upbeat Songs for the End of the World, out Oct. 1. The entire album was recorded during lockdown between the U.S. and the U.K., and it's about how Nazis are bringing about the apocalypse. Cheers!

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Erin Rose drinks on shift

by Good Friend

We're Newcastle based Irish punks Good Friend. After 4 years touring the UK, EU and USA the band have just dropped their eagerly anticipated new release The Erin Rose EP as well as a new action-packed video. Single Erin Rose drinks on shift is a rousing rock-punk jam hotter than an O'Irish Coffee.

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New Year's Resolutions

by Pandemic Pat & The Murder Hornets

I am a Detroit DIY Studio owner. Lost my day job to the pandemic. Now I need to make the studio my full time gig. I'm doing a lot to get my name out there. PPMH is one such project. Other work: I recently did a Suicide Machines track for the Ska Against Racism on Bad Time/Asian Man.

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Shiny Things

by They Stay Dead

Back with our first new release in 6 years, They Stay Dead is still the Gnarled Pop & Power that your big brother fell in love with in 2010!

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Trusty Chorus

by Lee Resistant & The Lost

We're Lee Resistant & The Lost. This song is a love note to why we play music..give it a spin!

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Asking For A Friend

by Solitary Set

We're Solitary Set from Baltimore, MD, though we all moved here from other places originally. We've been playing hardcore and pop punk for our entire lives, but with this band we wanted to try something different. Most of us have families and we're not as interested in screaming into a microphone or smashing our heads through walls as we used to be. Solitary Set is a little quieter, a little more introspective, and a little more mature, just like us.

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Wake Up

by Basement Sound

We are five dads who love to play music together. What we love the most is getting our songs inside of people's domes and hearing them sing back to us on stage.

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Hey we are BOREDWALKS, punk rock band from Plymouth. Our sound is along the lines of alkaline trio, the wonder years, arms aloft, red city radio and a touch of blink 182. There's music history in the band with some members coming from arizona law and crooked little sons. Check us out Enjoy Cheers

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Love Forty Down

Hey there, we are Love Forty Down from Ulm, Germany. We have a passion for melodic punk rock with rough vocals. Almost every time we write a song it ends up being somewhere between “punk rock romance” and “fist-in-the-air-sing-alongs”.

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Our Souls

A motley crew of spare parts from other bands that no one cared for or cared about. Our Souls is a DIY 5 piece punk band from Leicester who released their first EP last year. Recorded in a ballet shoe factory and front room, and all for the cost of £0. Bargain.

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The Petty Saints

Hey Guys, We're The Petty Saints fresh out of San Diego, CA with our first record. If you like Punk played with heart....and hate working the 9-5 grind...give us a listen! We hope you enjoy the record!!!

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High Home

Hey! We're High Home (formerly known as The Bryan Adams), a two-piece melodic punk band playing nostalgia-tinged heartland punk. If reminiscing wistfully on your youth is your thing, you'll fall in love with our EP, "Teenage Summer", a 12-minute blistering drive down memory lane.

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