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by Kickin' Pigeons

We are band that started by 2 friends when we were 15 and now 20 years later, after having more drummers than spinal tap, were able to get the means to create our first truly DIY, made in the bedroom, record. Using a tierless technique of trial and error, hope someone enjoys!

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Drinking Alone

by Seeing Snakes

Hey all! We are Seeing Snakes from Philly. We play fast, short sometimes melodic (sometimes not) punk rock songs. We have a new album coming out early next year, and this is our first single called "Drinking Alone".

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Meet My Avatar

by Goodbye Blue Monday

Hi, We're Goodbye Blue Monday from Glasgow, Scotland. We play self-styled “misery-punk”: addressing mental health & bi-polar disorder with self-depreciation & humour. We released our album today (13th March):

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World Less Than Plain

by Future Selves

How are we there fellow humans? We're Future Selves, a punk rock trio from Wigan (Pie, anyone?) here we are with the first single 'World Less Than Plain' from our upcoming debut album. We hope you enjoy big melodic choruses, thrashy hard hitting arrangements and lyrics inspired by the grit of life.

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When The Sun Goes Down

by Quitters

Hey, we’re Quitters, punk rock band from the South of France. We like to use punk rock energy to depict this world with cynicism and humour. Our new track follows this recipe: it contrasts the feeling of breaking up with someone with satisfying riffs and infectious energy.

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Chemicals Man, They'll Fuck You Up

by The Revoors

We are an unknown punk rock band who just released their debut EP “Low-Cost Punk, High-End Feels” along with a video for the song “Chemicals man, they’ll fuck you up”. Our vocals are sung in spanish and english accompanied with thick guitars, growling basslines and a steady 90’s Punk beat.

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New Year's Resolutions

by Pandemic Pat & The Murder Hornets

I am a Detroit DIY Studio owner. Lost my day job to the pandemic. Now I need to make the studio my full time gig. I'm doing a lot to get my name out there. PPMH is one such project. Other work: I recently did a Suicide Machines track for the Ska Against Racism on Bad Time/Asian Man.

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To Wound and Wander, Destitute

by Our Souls

We Are Our Souls, gruff melodic punk from the heart of Shitsville UK. This is the lead track from our 2nd EP 'Ive Made A Terrible Mistake' that 'will make you smile and spin kick round the place like Patrick Swayze in Road House' according to one reviewer

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Blue Drinks

by Pass Away

Blue Drinks is about letting go of past bullshit and embracing the good times to come. The best revenge in life is to raise a drink with your best friends and laugh at the world.

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We Aren't The Champions

by Pardon Us

This is the last track off our appropriately named debut album ‘Wait’, a long time in the making! Hope you like it.

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Mr. Lisp

We're a punk band from Philly that is made up of a few friends who have collectively been playing together in some form for almost a decade. Our upcoming release "Get Our Minds Right" is a culmination of our creative efforts that is a weird, fast paced journey into existential, avant-shart, punk.

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Shakers are Pat Stahl, Jon Stahl & Joe Marino. We're veterans of the South Florida punk world starting back in 1994, been making music and playing shows ever since. Call it "Pop Punk" if you will, but you'll find an aggressive blend of punk, hardcore, and rock & roll sure to get your blood moving!

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Nick Grandchamp And The People Watchers

My name is Nick Grandchamp, I live in Vermont, we have long winters and I fight them with the power of music, I am over emotional and I like old things, please checkout my new record.

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