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Hey folks, we are The Traders, a 3 piece band from France, that toured UK, Europe, Russia, and Canada. We play punk but if you like garage, pop and stoner you should find yourself into it! Think about Motörhead meets with Dead To Me, PUP, or None More Black. "How Much Art Can You Take?" is out now!

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by The Traders

THE TRADERS is a 3 piece band from France, Think about Motörhead meets with Dead To Me. After a few kids and a long pandemic, a new song, "Grandiose", comes out in april 2023. With this rough and loud punk anthem the band announce they're back, a new album ready to be released in September 2023 !

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Drinking Alone

by Seeing Snakes

Hey all! We are Seeing Snakes from Philly. We play fast, short sometimes melodic (sometimes not) punk rock songs. We have a new album coming out early next year, and this is our first single called "Drinking Alone".

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Lung Capacity

by Hot Mass

Our new single 'Lung Capacity' is out now. Check out the video for it here. It's a homage to the greatest video/80's banger 'The King of Rock n Roll' by Prefab Sprout. The song features on our upcoming record 'Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream' which is released 14th October.

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Bike Thief


New full length album Quel Drag coming Feb 21, 2020 Quel Drag is eleven massive tracks of freaky fun, intensity produced by none other than Tom Thacker of GOB and SUM 41!! Quel Drag is the antithesis to bummer music and quite possibly one of the best punk rock albums you've heard in a very long time.

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Hi! We're Bandage from Athens, Greece. We've just finished our new record called 'Build'! Here is the first single, 'Paul Pierce is in the Past.' - Pop-Punk / Rock and NBA fans rejoice!

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