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Here Come the Waves

by Poor Lily

Hey! We're Poor Lily, a punk band based in New York and Connecticut. Today we released an EP, Toxic Envelope, with four new songs that are fast and loud and a little weird. We've been called "an SST-ish breath of rancid smog who bring some reality and meaning back into the hardcore aesthetic."

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Armadillo Man

by Round Eye

We're a freak punk band based out of Shanghai China. We're opposed to the tyranny and facist tactics of CCP. We are all foreigners.

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Bike Thief


New full length album Quel Drag coming Feb 21, 2020 Quel Drag is eleven massive tracks of freaky fun, intensity produced by none other than Tom Thacker of GOB and SUM 41!! Quel Drag is the antithesis to bummer music and quite possibly one of the best punk rock albums you've heard in a very long time.

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The Tar Sands

Hi I'm Scott Martin! I'm the singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, just everything for The Tar Sands. I got sick of playing with people who didn't wanna play rowdy fuzzed out garage punk so I DIY'd My debut album, Unfiltered is all me, and all dirty, greasy, gross tones & themes. Enjoy!

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This Side of Anarchy

Just released our 3rd album Devils May Pass. Hope you like it.

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