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No More Kim Kelly - Demo

by Death Plumes

Hi All! We are Death Plumes. We are a Garage Punk band from Richmond, Virginia and our debut single 'No More Kim Kelly' just released. Together our sound is a blend of sounds such as surf, lo-fi, psychadelic, grunge, and pop punk. Our main goal is to keep our songs raw, energetic, and punchy.

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Super Hurt

by Double Sorry

We’re an indie punk 3 piece out of Brooklyn and just released our first LP, “Super Hurt”. It’s 17 songs that scream by in under 22 minutes. We accompanied the release with an album video that is literally 22 minutes of explosions. Hope you enjoy it!

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by Sophisticated Dingo

We're Sophisticated Dingo from Melbourne, Australia. Our new single ‘Vultures’ is a little bit about being misunderstood, a little bit about being frustrated, and a little bit about finding your voice in a crowded place. Hope you enjoy!

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The Tar Sands

Hi I'm Scott Martin! I'm the singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, just everything for The Tar Sands. I got sick of playing with people who didn't wanna play rowdy fuzzed out garage punk so I DIY'd My debut album, Unfiltered is all me, and all dirty, greasy, gross tones & themes. Enjoy!

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