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Cut Me Some Slack

by Take It Easy Mikey

Featuring two members from Two Trains Left, Take It Easy Mikey is a new project. With melancholic melodies mixed with mellow riffs combined with a punk attitude, the band is a perfect blend of pop, grunge, and indie. This is what we call Backyard Indie Rock.

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by Hot Mass

Hey! Our new single, Astroturf, is out today. We made a music video for it and you is also available for streaming. You can find a band bio, a description of the new single and streaming links via our bandzoogle page. Thanks for reading!

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Beautiful Nights

by Wishful Thinking

Beautiful Nights is a catchy emotive track that's definitely one of the strongest songs the band have released to date. Beautiful Nights is a song that toes the line between ballad and banger. It has all the energy of a classic punk tune mixed with the orchestration and melody of a power ballad.

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Could Have Told You That

by Matthew Torres

This is an anthem for the dating app era. Or at least it's an anthem for my experience - wanting romantic connection but also feeling like there is so much of me I'm still figuring out.

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by Trader

This is Trader! A loud and close-knit four-piece from Denmark ready to hit 2022 with the sound of aggressive distortion and pushing drums recorded at the remote but legendary Silence Studio in Sweden. Brand new single, 'Medieval', is out now and you should go give it a spin...

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Treading Water

by Dude Safari

Sup humanz! This is our latest single 'Treading Water'! A nostalgic nod to the bands that helped fuel and keep us musically hydrated! We call our music Grunge-Pop, a sort of Grunge/Pop Punk crossover channeling the likes of Weezer, Pile-UP & Reuben! Hope you dig! J

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Maudlin Paupin' Man

by Ryan R and the Repertoire

Hi, I'm Ryan. I've been writing songs and playing in bands since I was 13. I started playing clubs when I was 15, recording in studios at 16, and at 25 I packed up and moved to NYC, where I was in and out of bands for 15 years. Now, at 41, I'm back in Arizona and decided to "go solo" with buddies!

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No Ones Got Your Back

by Chasing Chimera

Greetings! We're Chasing Chimera: an incredibly messed-up and likely unstable pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. We're proudly the only band we're aware of that will give you a free t-shirt! Our latest track "No Ones Got Your Back" is out first release in over 3 years! Enjoy!

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Lil Peach

by Villain of the War

Hi, we're Villain of the War from Boston, MA! We've been playing on the MA DIY circuit for a couple years now and just released an EP titled "Damn, That's Crazy", and it features some of the songs that have become staples of our set. This is a song called "Lil Peach", and we hope you enjoy it!

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I'm No Good (At Any Sports)

by Dude Safari

Surrey's Dude Safari have just released their new single 'I'm No Good (At Any Sports)' having formed in 2021 the band have already been featured heavily by the likes of Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer & BBC.

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POPMORTEM (Full Album)

by Virginity

Today Virginity unveil their newest album “POPMORTEM” via Smartpunk Records. The collection of songs masterfully create sing-alongs out of sadness through the band’s quirky, authentic, and self aware approach to punk.

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Autumn Shade

by Happy Animal

Hi, Happy Animal here, The noise I make is described as Mancunian LO-FI FUZZ POP/Garage Rock. Like a shook up can of fizzy vimto. I have just dropped my debut single 'Autumn Shade'. Its fuzzy, catchy and heavy. I self produced, recorded and released this track from home during lockdown. Thankyou ✌️

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Lead Balloon

by Dude Safari

Hey peeps we're Dude Safari! A new Grunge-Pop band from Surrey in England. We've just released our second single 'Lead Balloon' a two minute thirty grunge punch to the iris. We really hope you dig it!

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Eat Shit Everyone

by Calm.

We're Calm. your new favourite little punk band from no where special! Eat Shit Everyone is a go fuck yourself anthem for the modern age, a rage charged punk rock slammer that starts hard and ends harder. We hope you dig!

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by Wild Spelks

Hey guys we are Wild Spelks! We make scuzzy alt-rock that is packed with a punch. Our new single 'Dreamer' is about recurring dreams and the funny feeling of these rich, vivid memories quickly fading to nothing.

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On My Way to You

by Varvara

Recorded live at a remote farmstead in the heat of Finnish summer, our upcoming 5th full-length Bad Acting Good delivers effortless and contagious summer joy through a helping of 90s-influenced guitar-driven rock.

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Bug Hunter

by Dude Safari

Hey! We're Dude Safari from Surrey. The band has been on the cards for say 7 years. But life and our other musical commitments got in the way. Then our life was extinguished and our other bands went bye. We're like a Weezer flavoured Capri Sun. FFO - Weezer, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Reuben

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The Haida Smile

by Whippin Shitties

Hey, we're Whippin Shitties from Boise, Idaho. We've been playing music together since 2017, but have known each other since middle school. We'd love for you to check out our new single The Haida Smile. If you like The Promise Ring mixed with Weezer and Modern Baseball we think you'll enjoy it.

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Just Another Animal

by Vegasettes

Hey guys! We are Vegasettes, a 5 piece Alt rock riffy band from South East Kent. This song is all about how we shouldn’t be judged on how we look when deep inside, we’re all just animals.

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What Went Wrong

by Molly And The Krells

We're an Australian punk rock band called Molly And The Krells, this track is about losing touch with a friend who refuses to let you help them get their life back on track.

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