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Pineapple Party

by Kid on a leash

Hey music lovers! Presenting Kid on a Leash from Newcastle. Brace for "Pineapple Party" – a pop punk journey through a swingers soirée. Think Blink-182 meets Sum 41 vibes. It's not just a track; it's a wild, hilarious escapade. Let Kid on a Leash be your soundtrack! Cheers to the extraordinary!

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Cut Me Some Slack

by Take It Easy Mikey

Featuring two members from Two Trains Left, Take It Easy Mikey is a new project. With melancholic melodies mixed with mellow riffs combined with a punk attitude, the band is a perfect blend of pop, grunge, and indie. This is what we call Backyard Indie Rock.

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by Hungry Ghost

Hey y'all I'm Mike Ledgerwood aka Hungry Ghost my new track ‘Hopeless’ is available now and it mixes some introspective in my feelings lyrics with a bit of pop-punk fuzz. Maybe if enough people listen I can change my job title to 'Wears a sheet on his head for a living'. A ghost can only dream.

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