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This Year.

by Broadwing

Rising from the DIY emo/indie scene to newly heightened blends of alt genres. Portland, ME based Broadwing brings nostalgic pop-punk sing alongs and energy to a modern sound and audience. With sounds of emo trap, hyperpop, hip hop, and dark pop.

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by Broadwing

Portland, ME alt-rock duo, Broadwing, is bringing nostalgic pop-punk sing alongs and energy to a modern sound and audience. Rising from their original DIY acoustic emo indie scene to a heightened blend of genres. Still true to their roots, but with a modern hyperpop twist!

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Two Fingers

by Concert For Aliens

Hi! we are Concert For Aliens, we met completely randomly at a party and now here we are, making music! the track was played in the same sound system as the recording studio where Blink182 and Angels And Airwaves recorded, isn't that cool? for us, who are lovers of Californian pop punk, hell yes!

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Doesn't Matter

by 20/20 iso

Hey guys we are 20/20 iso! This track has been in the making for almost 3 months, its about being young, not taking life too seriously, and having fun! Hope you all enjoy!

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Wait For Me

by Interkon

Hi all! When New Jersey and Russia meet Philly Punk. This is Interkon's debut release! They are bringing back that nostalgic sound we all miss and love. This song is about self love and putting yourself first. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey Girl

by Fabian Secon

Hey! This is my new single "Hey Girl". I’ve always wanted to expand more into the punk/pop-punk world, as this comes very naturally to me. The melodies in my music have always been inspired by alternative, pop and rock music, so it was an obvious progression.

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by Hungry Ghost

Hey y'all I'm Mike Ledgerwood aka Hungry Ghost my new track ‘Hopeless’ is available now and it mixes some introspective in my feelings lyrics with a bit of pop-punk fuzz. Maybe if enough people listen I can change my job title to 'Wears a sheet on his head for a living'. A ghost can only dream.

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