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by 3dBs Down

Hey guys! We're 3dBs Down from Kent. We play a combination of punk rock and ska. Our tunes are always melodic and catchy but will kick you in the nuts with the heaviest of riffs when you least expect it. This tune definitely fits that category. Hope you enjoy it!

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The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)

by Underachiever

We are a punk rock band from London, England. We've just released 'The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)', the first single from our debut record 'Going Nowhere, And I'm Taking You With Me' which drops later this year. The song is about escaping the mundanity of normality.

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Hold Your Ground

by Project Revise

Project Revise are a three piece pop punk band from the UK. New single 'Hold Your Ground' is inspired by 2000s pop punk. It's a melodic song with a heavy twist towards the end. The lyrics are about our struggles in life and how we try to overcome them, while also trying to remain true to ourselves.

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Pathetic Life

by Shower With Goats

Hey everyone, we've been around since 1994! If you love that classic mid to late 90's or early 2000's pop/punk sound, you should check us out!

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Silent Screams

by Millie Manders & the Shutup

A delirious mix of punk, ska, pop and dagger-sharp lyrics, it sees Millie Manders and the Shutup as one of the UK’s most exciting acts. At a time when fear and the unknown seems rife in the world, Silent Screams is a message to those feeling at their lowest that there is always hope.

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Me, Myself, & Idioms

by The Fauxriginals

Hey guys! We're The Fauxriginals from Portland, OR and this is our first song on our debut EP, "It's Not a Lie..." We make music inspired by the heyday of pop-punk and punk rock in the late 90's/early aughts. Basically, your favorite music is likely ours. We want to keep that tradition going!

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Smart Alecs

Hello you beautiful people, we're Smart Alecs and this is our first music video! We focus on having fun and living life. Our moms thought we were good and like they say mom knows best. So you should probably check us out!

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The Fauxriginals

Hey guys. We're The Fauxriginals; three dudes that grew up on all the pop-punk classics. We're making music that draws on those classic influences and have just released our debut music video for 'Level of Malevolence'. We're releasing new music all the time on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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Shark Punch

Hello all you Punk Heads! We are Shark Punch, a ska-punk band based out of Hayward, CA. Our band strives to make all our shows high-energy, horn driven, mosh pit fun. Hopefully we convinced you to give us a listen, here are a few singles from our first album we would love to share with you all!

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Bargain Bin Heroes

Bargain Bin Heroes are a high energy Punk/Ska (and Touch of Reggae ) band from Fort Myers, FL. We formed in the summer of 2014 and have played all over the state of Florida ,and performed with acts such as Mustard Plug, The Independents,Unwritten Law,Fenix Tx,Mephiskapheles, Whole Wheat Bread.

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