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Things Only You'll Know

by The Challenged

Hey Every Buddy! We're a long-running punk band from NYC. Here's a brand new song, Things Only You'll Know, off of our 7th full length, Wallfighter.

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Trusty Chorus

by Lee Resistant & The Lost

My name is Lee, and I used to front a band called Fletcher on Deck Cheese Records. I've been living in Canada for the last 13 years, raising my son, and this is my new band...Lee Resistant & The Lost. Check out our latest single Trusty Chorus

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Dear Hearts

by Dear Hearts

Hey guys, this track is what we're about, the feeling of playing in a band, breaking the band up, missing it big time and getting back together stronger than ever. it's the very first track of our new EP 'Old shirts'. We really hope you'll love it!

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Start Today

by Playing Dead

Hey, my name is Sam and i play in the Long Isand ny band Playing Dead. We are a 4 piece band with a sound that focuses on big guitars and lots of melody. We just released an ep called Catharsis of choice and the song Start Today is on it. We also have a video for it on our youtube channel.

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by Enemy of My Enemy

We're a punk and rock n' roll band from Santa Cruz CA. This is a track off our self-titled album, out now on Snubbed Records. Our super powerful and catchy riffs combined with Christa's melodic vocals make this an energy packed album well worth checking out. Thanks!

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by The Unsinkable

We're the Unsinkable! A 4-piece from Nijmegen, the Netherlands who happen to play punk rock! The Unsinkable consists of (ex-)members of 90's punkrock pioneers Facing Down, The Minority, post-punk/hardcore outfit The Assange and punkrock karaoke band Sing Along Riot.

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Silence Is Chaos

Hey there! I'm Samy from Silence Is Chaos, a punk rock band out of Lugano, Switzerland. Earlier this year we released our third record "Hopes and Losses", and we would like you guys to give it a listen, I'm sure you will like what you hear!

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The Hot Babe Lovers

What up, you guys? We are The Hot Babe Lovers from Brazil but based in Finland. This track is the title of our debut album and we're ready to raise our middle finger to the politically correct... of any form. Despite of the name "Meninist" the song is about pushing forward in life.

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Hi! We are Buster, a melodic punk band from Salvador, Brazil. Recently we released a new album called 'Still on the Road'. With a strongly striking sound, intense melodies and influenced by 90's punk bands. We hope you enjoy!

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Set Engine Off

Hey there, we’re a melodic punk rock band from across the pond (BC, Canada). This song will be on our debut EP ‘create.destroy.rebuild.repeat’ out this summer/autumn. If you dig bands like Face to Face, Pulley, NUFAN, check us out!

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Fallen Monuments

Hello world! We are Fallen Monuments, a melodic punk band from San Diego, California. We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into our debut album. Please give it a listen. These songs mean so much to us and we hope they eventually mean something to you too.

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Record Thieves

We are Record Thieves a brand new band based out of colorful Colorado premiering a video of our number 2 hit song Red Eye.

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