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Rebuilding Year

by Brutal Youth

Brutal Youth’s anticipated new album Rebuilding Year, is out now on Stomp Records. The album is a melodic-punk banger, with nods to rock and punk influences both new and old. West Coast punk, with hints of Adolescents, Big Drill Car, ALL, NOFX and Good Riddance scattered throughout.

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High Girl

by Loner

Loner is a melodic punk band based out of Montclair, NJ. "High Girl" is a song about a girl that's really about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol. All proceeds go to CarePlusNJ, a non-profit that helps people in NJ recover from addiction and mental health issues.

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impulse decisions

by chemical-x

We are a brand new punk band located out of Lodi, NJ called chemical-x. "impulse decisions" is a song written to connect with all of those people out there who make impulsive decisions, whether those decisions be buying excessive amounts of "fancy booze" or "ugly shoes".

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Pathetic Life

by Shower With Goats

Hey everyone, we've been around since 1994! If you love that classic mid to late 90's or early 2000's pop/punk sound, you should check us out!

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Locked Door

by After Elmer

Hey Punktastic, what's up? We are After Elmer, a Rotterdam-based pop punk band of three brothers, Jaap, Pieter en Thomas. Long story short; our previous bands broke up and we decided to give it a shot and DAMN it feels good this time around! Our new single Locked Door is out now!

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“We started POSTAGE for one reason, and that is to write catchy tunes and be able to play those tunes anytime and anywhere.” POSTAGE (Albany, NY) is a pop punk band featuring members of After the Fall and Terror.

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