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We Need A Plan B - 7"

by Covøids

Ahoy friends! Covøids are a four-piece '80s hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. Have a squiz at our debut album, We Need A Plan B.

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It's simple and it's fast and it's loud.

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Silly Spreadsheets

by Class Act

This is the first track on our new EP Equilibrium Rate of Starvation. 1981 but unmistakably 2023. If you are looking for that original hardcore feeling in these new times, this is it. First lines: Terrified of failiure I break my back for the first quarter corporate targets that's got a hold on me

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This One's Gonna Hurt

by Before They Are Hanged

Hi there! We're Sheffield/Derbyshire based punks Before They Are Hanged and we've just released “This One’s Gonna Hurt” a taster video and track from our forthcoming debut album (due later 2022) BTAH is: Si - Vocals Dan-Guitar Trevor - Bass Ben – Drums

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Melt My Brain

by RATH & The Wise Guys

We are a beach punk skate rock band from Florida whose goal is to push social issues, challenge your perception of reality, and create a more interesting and enjoyable experience in life. We bring a show like no one's seen and this track gives a great starting point to our boundless energy.

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impulse decisions

by chemical-x

We are a brand new punk band located out of Lodi, NJ called chemical-x. "impulse decisions" is a song written to connect with all of those people out there who make impulsive decisions, whether those decisions be buying excessive amounts of "fancy booze" or "ugly shoes".

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Better in my Head

by Fantazmaz

Hey guys, We are Fantazmaz, this is our first single 'Better in my Head'. Straight forward rock/punk with modern approach and lyrics that takes a damaged and dark view of our society.

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Fired For Partying.

by World War IX

Hello Pickup! World War IX here. Do you like slap in your face, hook filled, humor driven punk rock?! Well so do we, and we just so happen to have a brand new 5 song 10" out that we think YOU will enjoy. We've been around for a few COUGH years and, we're having more fun than ever!

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The Mellowdicks

We're the Mellowdicks, dirty punk band from border city Mexicali, Mexico. Check out the new single "Well intended,useless member" from our upcoming album "Irrelevant human problems"

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It’s all about the love and Surfbort bring it in waves, especially live. Surfbort are an explosion of glee, a celebration of the moment together with their audience. Our attack is blistering and ecstatic: we will kill you with love.

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Portland hardcore punk/grindcore outfit WORWS are reacting to the environment around them: drug abuse, gentrification in the city they call home and general social wrongs. The end result is their new album, 'Truth to Power', a blistering social commentary that will have you taking up arms (or musical instruments) against authority in no time flat.

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