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Drunk Tank

by King Marm

Hey, we're King Marm and this is Drunk Tank, from our new EP TRASH. This has been a long time coming, it's a little bit angry, very dirty, and all big riffs. We're really excited to get this out into the world, we think it sounds huge. Cheers!

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We’re Shattered Knees from Hertfordshire. We play a style of hardcore infused metal that is aggressive and honest - it’s heavy sauce. The ‘MERCY’ EP is our very first release, but we have plenty to come in early 2019. This is lo-fi hardcore for the WiFi generation.

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Crucify Their Martyr

Crucify Their Martyr are a satirical powerviolence band, creating the heaviest music possible but with contrastingly mundane lyrical themes and vocal samples

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Portland hardcore punk/grindcore outfit WORWS are reacting to the environment around them: drug abuse, gentrification in the city they call home and general social wrongs. The end result is their new album, 'Truth to Power', a blistering social commentary that will have you taking up arms (or musical instruments) against authority in no time flat.

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