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Bad Taste

by Nrvs

Creating unique sounds that are left of punk rock, their hardcore & gritty sound is far from ordinary. Pulling inspiration from ecological collapse, social dislocation, science fiction, one half of the duo is notably in Extinction Rebellion, with plenty to say.

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A Game Of Horseshoes

by The Great Lie

The third ep from The Great Lie, recorded with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), embodies the band's raw intensity and aggressive precision. Defying Extinction is the sound of five Long Island hardcore/metal veterans who reject the premise that punk is strictly a youth culture.

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Riot (Breaking Windows and Bones)

by Trash n Privilege

Check out Trash n Privilege - punk jams that are a caffeine laced cocktail of driving beats and raw vocals with a dash heavy guitar.

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JUG! American Folk Punk!

JUG! American Folk Punk! We've been playing our version of punk rock for 18 years. Upright Bass, Fiddle, Guitar and Drums; loud and unrepentant. Its not any fun playing it safe and we've never been ones to keep our mouths shut. We're based out of Fryeburg Maine.

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The Muslims

Yo! We're The Muslims, a thrashy, hard-hitting punk band bringing political humor and tender rage to both halal and haram punks everywhere. We play a mix of classic, hardcore and afropunk influenced stuff. We're just a bunch of cuddly, angry ass, rabid raccoons okay.

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The Mellowdicks

We're the Mellowdicks, dirty punk band from border city Mexicali, Mexico. Check out the new single "Well intended,useless member" from our upcoming album "Irrelevant human problems"

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High Totals

A pile of guys from a bit north of Detroit, playing loud fuzzy punk, kinda like Bad Brains, Sabbath and Black Flag used to.

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My name is Tim and I'm Måke (translates to seagull in Norwegian). I make everything in my bedroom and I'm trying to grow as an artist and create what i like. I bring forth the millennial's message. Enjoy!

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Hood Rats

Hood Rats are all in this great world that embodies raw, honest, straight to the gut punk rock. No bullshit here. Just balls to the wall, cut throat rock ‘n’ roll played and recorded the way punk rock ought to be; on cheap equipment, in a bedroom, loud, bratty and obnoxious with a D.I.Y. traditions

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We're NUGGIEZ, a noise-punk act inspired equally by old school hardcore, post-punk and noise rock. We're based on the peripheries of Auckland's punk rock scene, in the North Island of New Zealand. Our new EP covers the ominous implications of late-capitalism through 5 tracks.

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KEN Mode

KEN mode share a new track "Not Soulmates" from their incoming album Loved (Season Of Mist/New Damage Records in Canada, August 31st), alongside European tour dates in November through to December full info here:

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