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by Sentimentipede

Hey! We're an upcoming punk/grunge band called Sentimentipede from St. John's, Newfoundland This is a track called "Hang" off of our debut album "Pretend This Sounds Good" - The track melds styles of grunge, punk rock and has a real drivey-distorted garage-rock feel to the production.

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Return of Dafthead

by Dragged Up

Hi we're Dragged Up from Glasgow. A rag-tag bunch from various local folk/indie/psych/surf/sludge outfits. This is from our debut release. Our songs switch between VHS trash fiction to spoken-word comic failure - recently reviewed as a 'culture-cannibalizing slacker classic' - judge for yourselves..

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Imperial Wax

Imperial Wax (formed by three 11 year veterans of the longest serving and last line up of legendary band, The Fall) are pleased to present their debut album "Gastwerk Saboteurs", delivering twelve memorable songs showcasing their distinctly vital and infectious blend of post-punk and garage rock!

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The Mellowdicks

We're the Mellowdicks, dirty punk band from border city Mexicali, Mexico. Check out the new single "Well intended,useless member" from our upcoming album "Irrelevant human problems"

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High Totals

A pile of guys from a bit north of Detroit, playing loud fuzzy punk, kinda like Bad Brains, Sabbath and Black Flag used to.

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Hey! We are DARMA. A Manchester-based three-piece blend of grunge and alternative, with a catchy blast of feral rock and roll that comes with a dark, melodic stomp. We dropped a new EP "GLOOM" and it's out now!

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Beach Riot

Ice cream, weird guitars, PJ Harvey, Mudhoney, 4am mozzarella sticks, dark comedy, dungeons and dragons and Brighton beach hangover fry-ups.

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We're No-Robell, a punk band named after a sex act so heinous, it's banned in most European countries. We play very fast and loud and get excessively sweaty! This is our first ever music video - "On Our Knees". We hope you enjoy it!

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Hey Punktastic, My name is Mitch Heron and I started a band with my older brother James called Sedge. We named it Sedge because our last name is heron and Sedge is the collective of Herons. Just like you say murder of crows - sedge of herons. We just released our sophomore album 'Psychochondriac'.

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