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by 3dBs Down

Hey guys! We're 3dBs Down from Kent. We play a combination of punk rock and ska. Our tunes are always melodic and catchy but will kick you in the nuts with the heaviest of riffs when you least expect it. This tune definitely fits that category. Hope you enjoy it!

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by Crooked King

Crooked King is a new 4 piece punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. TVAngelica is the first single off our debut album being release 4:20 that includes 10 other tracks that vary from hardcore, surfer rock and other forms of all things Rock n Roll. Thanks for listening!

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Union of Kings

Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong. We've been working on this ep for a number of years, it was recorded in rehearsal rooms, living rooms and sheds around the country. It's our attempt at capturing the diet of musical psychedelia, films and Saturday morning cartoons we were raised on. Enjoy.

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Weary Eyes

Hey guys, we are Weary Eyes, we play loud and noisy instrumental stuff on the verge of math, punk and hardcore. We tend to experiment with the sound a lot. Come check us out!

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