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Give it a Try

by Movement At Night

As a nostalgic person of the 90s and being influenced by Anglo-Saxon Indie Rock / Alternative / Pop Punk songs, I am a self-produced singer-songwriter under the name of Movement At Night.

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by Princess Alice Manor

I'm PRINCESS ALICE MANOR, and I release my brand new EP, Outer Demons, on Friday 18th August. Proceeding the EP is the single, Alive, out now via streaming platforms. Please watch the lyric video, here - .

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by Cosmic Nina

“‘Lies’ is about the dishonesty and corruption rife in UK politics. The endless lies and lack of integrity has reached an extreme level—we are fearful of the consequences and the damage it is doing to society. Politics has lost sight of trying to make a better place for everyone."

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We are NEGUL NESHAI - a five piece alternative rock outfit from Newcastle, UK. Over the past 18-months, we have constructed our debut project 'Inside Divine Circles' - a six chapter album, short film and story, due to release in three week intervals until December 31st.

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Amen To The Storytellers

by Minus Alive

We're Minus Alive, and create anthemic yet honest music that will bring people together. This is Amen To The Storytellers, a song about solidarity within the creative world. This song features a lot of our fellow artists standing alongside us, to let you know that the creative industries are viable!

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Nothing Left To Save

by Neptune Rain

Hey we are Neptune Rain. 'Nothing Left to Save' is from our debut EP 'Chaos & Light' and is about the pain and confusion left behind when a relationship unexpectedly ends. Our name comes from the theory that on Neptune it can rain diamonds; suggesting that hope can be found in the darkest of places.

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by Blackout Problems

Hi! We're Blackout Problems and we're excited to share our new single DARK with you! It's a pensive rock track laced in electronics, examining the self-destructive nature of humankind on itself and the world we all live on. Let us know what you think!

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by Glitchers

We are a 2 piece Skiffle Punk band who travel the country playing Punk gigs on the streets. This is our opening track Relovelution. Enjoy

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We are a four-piece rock band from the UK. Headcount was produced by Steph Carter (ex-Gallows) and the music video encapsulates the struggle of identity, of defining your illnesses and negative thoughts separately, about taking from others and acting on selfish impulse to contribute to personal gain

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Gun Dogs


We played 2 London Headline shows as part of a UK tour Single Gun Dogs, produced by Steph Carter (ex-Gallows) massive for us to work with him as big Gallows fans! We’re on 15 Playlists on Spotify & bowled over to get airplay on Kerrang! Radio Featured Artist of the Week & championed by Alex Baker

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Let's All Hold Hands

by Study of Us

Hiya humans, this is one of the tracks off of my debut album 'Neo-anderthals' called 'Let's All Hold Hands'. It's a quick 'punch you in the face' burst of Pop-Punk, Post-Hardcore, DnB amalgamated noise which I hope you'll love.

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Silent Screams

by Millie Manders & the Shutup

A delirious mix of punk, ska, pop and dagger-sharp lyrics, it sees Millie Manders and the Shutup as one of the UK’s most exciting acts. At a time when fear and the unknown seems rife in the world, Silent Screams is a message to those feeling at their lowest that there is always hope.

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"Dark Inside"


We're electro/alternative rock band LOWBORN, and in "Dark Inside" we delve into downward spirals and dig up demons. The video for "Dark Inside" pulls from "The Blair Witch Project" with haunting, dark rooms and shadows, time to get scared.

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Hold On To Your Grudge

by Y!KES

Y!KES are a new alternative band formed Jan 2019. Our new music video involves a spooky adventure soundtracked by fuzzy, bouncy riffs, funky synths & howling vocals provided by new vocalist Oli Long who joined the band last month. It's one of four new choons from our debut EP coming Jan 2020. Y X

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Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe

by The Weekend Transit

We're a post-hardcore band called The Weekend Transit and this is our new single 'Quiet, My Secrets Are Safe'. The song is meant to assure everyone who has seen hard times that you're not alone. Have hope, even when you don't know what you are hoping for.

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Destroy Planets!

Brand new Brit metal crew, DESTROY PLANETS!, are set to stake a claim on the UK with the release of their new EP, Mass X Gravity, out on Friday 23rd August. Prior to that, the band have just dropped a new single, Immortal -

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by Spring.Fall.Sea

SPRING.FALL.SEA express a sound that incorporates post-hardcore, heavy pop and electronica, the energetic rock trio will release their new EP, Time + Tide, on 6th September. The Londoners have also just dropped a new single, Strangers -

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Hello! We're Reventure from Hampshire. We like to think we offer something different, and we certainly don't stick to a specific genre. Check out our strange video for 'Thy Wilderness'

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Hi, Punktastic! We are 1000facez. Despite the unusual location for punk music, we've recorded a new single and shot a video, spending a half of the country's budget on it. It's a special mixture of punk, hardcore, alternative and a lil' bit electronic. Hope you'll love it!

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Cosmic Ninja

Hey Punktastic Crew, hope all is good. Wondering if you might check out our new video for "Yeah Right"? We are a rock band with a love for electronic music too! Big guitars and big synths included. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

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