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Smells Like Quarantine Spirit EP

by Cause of Accident

Cause of Accident is both everywhere and nowhere. These 4 tracks were written and recorded from scratch at home during UK lockdown... and thus 80% paid for by the Tories (which is obviously deeply satisfying, given that we're slagging them off in half these songs).

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We are a 9 piece ska band from Pavia (Italy), born in 2005. On March the 30th we released our first full length record "Satelliti Fuori Orbita" (Wandering Satellites).

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Shark Punch

Hello all you Punk Heads! We are Shark Punch, a ska-punk band based out of Hayward, CA. Our band strives to make all our shows high-energy, horn driven, mosh pit fun. Hopefully we convinced you to give us a listen, here are a few singles from our first album we would love to share with you all!

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