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No Ones Got Your Back

by Chasing Chimera

Greetings! We're Chasing Chimera: an incredibly messed-up and likely unstable pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. We're proudly the only band we're aware of that will give you a free t-shirt! Our latest track "No Ones Got Your Back" is out first release in over 3 years! Enjoy!

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Ebenezer Salieri

It's indie rock and roll, with a classic sound, and a heavy emphasis on lyrics. I usually write songs about my family or spaceships, or sometimes both.

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Ned Dylan

My name is Ned Dylan - I'm a 17-year-old original artist & songwriter. Last year I dropped 'Life's a Rave', I'd love it if you could check it out. The track mixes live instrumentation, social commentary, electronica & an infectious riff that loops throughout. Enjoy!

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Hey folks! I'm a girl musician who writes songs and sings them. I have recorded an 11 track album called ‘Something Blue’, which I worked on with Mike, lead guitarist of indie rock band City Reign, which crosses genres and does not fit neatly into a musical box.

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The Magic Lotus

THE MAGIC LOTUS are an accomplished alternative garage rock duo whose 60s influenced melodicism is backed by a forceful grunge attack. Their new single, Let Music, arrives on 10th August

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True Blue

Ey up mi duck, just a dude from Derby who played in punk bands since I was 11. Started working nights and wrote 2 EP's for anyone in their 20s who might relate. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen, thank you!

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Howard Lee Naylor

I’m a singer/songwriter whose songs that tells stories of life, love with harmonies, catchy hooks and melodies in the genre of Classic rock. I have created my own unique sound that actually crosses over to Indie Rock, Alternative rock, Pop Rock, and country.

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Percival Elliott

Hello lovely people!! Check out the second single off of our upcoming album Save Your Soul. It's the ultimate rock'n'roll track with gritty guitars, hard-hitting piano melodies and an infectious chorus! Follow our socials to see what else we have coming soon! Love from Percival Elliott.

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