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Sine Wave

by Pulse Park

We are Pulse Park, an indie rock trio with German and Canadian roots. We recorded our first album, which was released on April 16, 2022 on Shore Dive Records. Sine Wave is our first single track. We love the mix of energy and sentimental moods.

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Y Pwysau Mawr

by Breichiau Hir

Hello, we're Breichiau Hir. We've just released our debut album, Hir Oes I'r Cof. It's a 10-track album in Welsh, with a running theme of nostalgia, and this song seemed to encapsulate the atmosphere of the entire album nicely. Sonically and lyrically!

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Raw Plastic - "Waiting Till Summer" EP

by Raw Plastic

Hello! We are Raw Plastic and we've just released a new EP "Waiting Till Summer". Our sound is a fusion of lo-fi surf/bedroom pop and shoegaze. Fans of bands such as Wavees and early Cloud Nothings might dig it!

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On My Way to You

by Varvara

Recorded live at a remote farmstead in the heat of Finnish summer, our upcoming 5th full-length Bad Acting Good delivers effortless and contagious summer joy through a helping of 90s-influenced guitar-driven rock.

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Broken Memories

by Dead Rituals

Hi! Dead Rituals is a band with a focus on playing melodic punk rock, spiked up with other elements, such as dreamy textures and other atmospheric sounds. Our music is somewhat dark, but not gloomy, and still energetic!

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Getting Late

by Science is Fiction

Hi, we play a mix of laid back 70s power pop paired with frenetic 90s indie rock. Been described as "Elvis Costello on steroids" and "a bit Parquet Courts...a bit parent rock". Our debut EP was recorded at the NMC and mixed by local Calgary legend Lorrie Matheson.

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The Joke of Life

by Tacocat

Seattle band Tacocat are set to release 'This Mess Is a Place', their new full-length album on Friday, May 3rd. The sparkly new album is their first for Sub Pop, and heralds a more pop-driven and ebullient direction in their sound.

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Hey, we are HEYUP! We are a Glasgow alternative/indie band formed of brothers Callum and Luc Grindle with friend Chris Devine on bass. Our single Only A Game is an introspective song about moving on from difficult times in life. We collaborated with friends to film the video on no budget.

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Mob Wife

Hey guys, we're Mob Wife from Belfast, we've been playing together since August of last year. The song linked is our latest double single but the first song is really the star of the show. It's a song about false sincerity in the "woke" world. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey guys, we've been playing around Bath/Bristol for the last 3 years after we released our debut EP. This is our brand new single 'Tired', a song about looking out for your friends. Hope you can relate and enjoy the music!

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The New Heat

Hello ladies and gentlemen. We're The New Heat, and this is a song off our EP 'We Said Our Prayers', which is out now on all them digital streaming services you crazy kids are on these days. Hope you like it. see ya!

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Hey! We play incredibly loud Post Punk from Glasgow and this is from our brand new EP 'Vertigo' following our debut album last year. Were much more of a laugh than we look and were probably steamin right now.

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Pillow Talk

Hey, we're Pillow Talk - Callum, Luc and Lukas from Glasgow. 'Strangers' is the title track of our second EP, an homage to pop-punk bands of the early naughties who share a love of loud music with emotional underpinnings.

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Hey guys, we're Paper/Boy - a new indie-punk band from Derry City/Donegal, Ireland! We're a four-piece (three boys, one girl) who have just put out our debut single last week with a sold-out single launch and extensive radio coverage from all over Ireland/the UK!

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