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Lie Lie Lie


We are MFRSM, a straight-ahead Post-Punk band from Tel-Aviv. We play hard and fuzzy riffs alongside Middle-Eastern melodic tunes. "Lie Lie Lie" is the title track of Mediterranean Post-Punk band MFRSM, upcoming sophomore album.

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Modern Waste

by Mutes

'Modern Waste' is a blistering distillation of all that has defined Mutes' explorative take on post-punk until now. Wiry, tense verses give way to muted chamber pop and eventually blossom into a full-on, fuzzed-out, fist-pumping euphoria.

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Rorschach Rorschach

by Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Well, hello there! We are an apocalyptic art-punk band from Bristol, our latest single is a post-punk noise melee, featuring a pneumatic fuzz bass from Hell, skronking guitars and a preacherman-style vocal charged with a macabre madness. Weird yet catchy is what we aim for.

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by Low Praise

Low Praise's music is infused with nods to 70’s post punk while bringing new hook-filled energy to their sound. The video was shot and edited remotely during lockdown, using footage from video artist McHank plus images from the band members’ phones. Enjoy!

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Pry is the songwriting outlet of Reno's Watson Meyer. Prepare for angular, confrontational post-punk.

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‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’ marks an assertive step forward for the group’s sound, turning to 80s synthesisers and the likes of Cold Cave and John Maus for inspiration. Penned just 72 hours before the band were set to record with Greaves, the new single captures a sonic and lyrical urgency.

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We're Careering, a DIY five piece from the North West, UK. We have short fast abrasive jams -no gimmicks.

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Hey! We play incredibly loud Post Punk from Glasgow and this is from our brand new EP 'Vertigo' following our debut album last year. Were much more of a laugh than we look and were probably steamin right now.

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King Orange

Hey, we're King Orange, a post-punk/indie band from Hull. This is Misty, our newest single, and it intertwines snaking guitar lines with danceable bass and deep vocals. We've just released it through Hull's New Breed, an independent record label in the city and we hope you love it!

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