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Hi we're SOFT and this is our debut single released late last year! Its a hard and fast, just over 2 minute banger! Heavy heavy bass line, and killer guitar throughout. Our 2nd single is out next month, and that is going to be more post-punk influenced with a heavier key section. We hope you enjoy!!

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Hi There! Our song is called Metamorphosis, we consider it a scream of rage against the reality in which we live in, representing the summit of the unavoidable transformation of humans into a machine. Hope you like it!

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by Warpark

"Slug" and its video counterpart are brutish critiques of our psychological and cultural attachment to assault rifles. It speaks to the irony of our American desire for autonomous self-protection and self-preservation, even at the expense of human lives.

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Rorschach Rorschach

by Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Well, hello there! We are an apocalyptic art-punk band from Bristol, our latest single is a post-punk noise melee, featuring a pneumatic fuzz bass from Hell, skronking guitars and a preacherman-style vocal charged with a macabre madness. Weird yet catchy is what we aim for.

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Hi guys, Whitstable is the debut single from PLAY DEAD - three teenagers from south London. It’s fast, hard-hitting, no holds barred punk music about a day at the beach with a can of beer. It's being released by new independent label, Blitzcat Records, based out of London.

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by Jools

Jools take shape in the formation of a sextet and proudly demonstrate their stance on socialism, public figures and the importance of well-being. Spineless illustrates the tale of Jools singer, Mitchell Gordon and his relationship with an oppressive hierarchy in his first place of employment.

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The Ringards

Hello guys, We’re the Ringards. We are a newly formed alternative punk band based in Hackney, and wanted to share our anti Brexit tune with you, hope it’s of your interest...

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False Heads

After forming in 2016, False Heads have already received a big thumbs up from Iggy Pop and  ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields who referred to them as being “one of the best live bands in the world.” Their new EP 'Less Is Better' is out now.

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