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Concept of Power

by Alpha Pet

Alpha Pet will bend your ears like Uri Geller bends his spoons. Combining the avantgarde elements of Talking Heads, the rawness of The Fall with the catchiness of The Clash, the Stockholm four-piece play their post punk with telekinetic energy.

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Western Europe

by Captain Average

Hello, we are Captain Average from Budapest, Hungary and this is our song 'Western Europe' from our first self-released LP 'Heaven Capitulates'. Western Europe is an angry and distracted song about the country's self-identity and politics gone wrong.

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The Stupid Song

by Ash Red

Ash Red are a three-piece rock band from Cork, Ireland. Formed in January 2019 by school friends Conrad Twomey, Arthur Murray and Maciek Zwirkowski,our debut single, “The Stupid Song” was released in April 2021 via Galway’s Blowtorch Records.

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The Conquering

by Intervene

Three minutes of angular and anarchic energy,‘The Conquering’ feels as much like a statement of intent as it does a single release, while also acting as a testament to Intervene’s uncompromising attitude, which here feels more unfettered than ever.

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by Versari

French post-punk three-piece Versari are delighted to announce the UK release of their emotive third album, Sous la Peau, out on 16th November 2020 via Good Deeds. To announce the release, Versari have unveiled a three track set including album tracks 'Brûle', 'Des Images' and 'Plus de Tristesse'.

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by Mark Hex

This is a tale about fascists coming to town and being sent home with their tail between their legs.

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by Low Praise

Low Praise's music is infused with nods to 70’s post punk while bringing new hook-filled energy to their sound. The video was shot and edited remotely during lockdown, using footage from video artist McHank plus images from the band members’ phones. Enjoy!

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Kill Yr Boss

by Mark Hex

Hiya, Mark Hex here: postpunknowavenohope from E17 via Glasgow. This track is about the fantasy of ending your evil boss's life.

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Love Song

by Percy

Yorkshire based Percy gained notoriety in the early nineties when their home brand of left-field post-punk led to a record deal with legendary Leeds label Mook Records. Sounding fresher than ever, this is 'Love Song'.

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by Jools

Jools take shape in the formation of a sextet and proudly demonstrate their stance on socialism, public figures and the importance of well-being. Spineless illustrates the tale of Jools singer, Mitchell Gordon and his relationship with an oppressive hierarchy in his first place of employment.

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Evening Shroud

by Nameless Creations

Hi! We are Nameless Creations. This is a track from our brand new album Upon God's Call. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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Bromidic Thrills

by Imperial Wax

Imperial Wax, the four-piece (which includes three 11-year veterans in the longest serving and last line up of The Fall), proffer otherworldly primal noise rock that’s both animalistic and shamanistic. Sharing news of a brand new single, "Bromidic Thrills" and UK Tour dates in Nov 2019

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Welcome to Analog City

by Sleep Year

Sleep Year is the solo project of Max Mueller, a 17-year-old from a Minnesotan suburb. In a lo-fi mix of power pop and post-punk, Mueller metaphorically expresses the boredom of his years spent in dystopian suburbia with the song Welcome to Analog City.

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Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies are artpunks from Liverpool, UK. They play primitive punk rock and roll and sing about things they believe in, often involving witty tales of northern working class life.

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The Ringards

Hello guys, We’re the Ringards. We are a newly formed alternative punk band based in Hackney, and wanted to share our anti Brexit tune with you, hope it’s of your interest...

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Grim Streaker

An explosion of angular, post-punk from Brooklyn, NY.

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Pry is the songwriting outlet of Reno's Watson Meyer. Prepare for angular, confrontational post-punk.

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Evening Gentle-Earthlings, We are TWTHPASTE. It would be far more than a pleasure to share our debut demo tracks with you in hope it makes your arm hairs erect. A collection of three young strugglers, amplifying our emotions to cook daunting noises in attempt to flee this trap of a system. Enjoy x

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The Fabricators

We are a schizophrenic mess of a band and we sound like Emily Ratajowski wallowing in a sewer.

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Hiya. We are Paul, Heather and Dicky - and we are known as Fauxchisels. We've been playing together for a few years now but are just about to release our first album. Give it a listen and you might like it.

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