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by Picture Nova

Hi guys, we are Picture Nova and this is our debut single which we made in our very first rehearsal. The track fuses punk’s energy with indie’s introspection and we think it showcases our distinctive style. We hope you like it!!!

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Whats the big idea?

by Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Hiya! We are Supersonic Fuzz Gun a post punk/ alt rock band gigging around Birmingham and Worcester. The tune attached is off our Debut EP “Tone Deaf”. We tried to capture the energy we bring to gigs and i recon its a banger! Please give it a listen, thanks! -Fin from SFG

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by Third Party Incidents

Hi guys, Check out our second single- a short and snappy punk rock track. We filmed the video on the street below our flat in Shoreditch, London amongst the traffic and pedestrians. Enjoy! Third Party Incidents x

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Living in Constant

by Venus Furs

Hi, I'm Paul Kasner aka Venus Furs. "Living in Constant" is my newest single from my upcoming debut LP. I've spent the last few years working on this collection of songs, I hope you enjoy it!

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The Ringards

Hello guys, We’re the Ringards. We are a newly formed alternative punk band based in Hackney, and wanted to share our anti Brexit tune with you, hope it’s of your interest...

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Hey Guys, we're TAMSYN primarily an Indie Rock / Pop band from Manchester but we believe our new single ''Forever Is Now'' will appeal more to the ''Pop-punk'' lovers out there! We think it's an absolute banger and we hope you think so too!

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The Groves

We are a London based 4 piece, indie-punk band. We've been gigging around town for the past 12 months and are midway through completing our as yet untitled first album. The cunningly titled 'The Groves EP' is available on spotify/itunes/applemusic etc now!

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Carter Daze

Good day to you! We are Carter Daze from Woking (Surrey's arsehole), and we play depressing-socio-indie-punk that leaves you with the feeling that there may be slight hope for us all after all. We have some banging choruses too! Check out our debut EP "North Korean Democracy' on Bandcamp.

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Dame Jean

DAME JEAN unleash their debut single upon the world: ‘Wasted Love'. Sickly sweet choruses stick in your head and surfing riffs will rot your brains! Dame Jean build a bridge between The Velvet Underground and Pixies.

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