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Hammer Man

by Skull Puppets

Skull Puppets are a garage band, that much is indisputable. They get together in a garage down the garden, hidden amidst the satellite shires, to make a cathartic noise and kick at the blues - songs of darkness, fuzzy noise and voodoo charm…thud, howl, clang and breathe.

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Serial Experiments Black

by Misan Akuya

Serial Experiments is about Black, a young African American man and his journey through isolation, existential loneliness, racism, love, love loss, the power to overcome, strength, resilience and the fight for freedom.

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I'm Numb

by Psycho Comedy

‘I’m Numb’ is the single from Liverpool creative collective Psycho Comedy. Taken from debut album ‘Performance Space Number One’, it's another New York-scene refracted punk gem - a wiry mass of guillotine guitars, wild-eyed lyricism and thrashing percussion.

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Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies are artpunks from Liverpool, UK. They play primitive punk rock and roll and sing about things they believe in, often involving witty tales of northern working class life.

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Hot fUSs

Hey guys, we're London-based punk band Hot fUSs. We have a new EP out and average over 30,000 streams per month on Spotify so we're obviously very famous. We write quick and catchy punk rock and will love you till they day we die.

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Motor City Crush

Hello World! We're the band 'Motor City Crush' from Detroit and we like to stomp out our own brand of exciting and energetic guitar-driven rock and roll. If you like gritty, sweaty, out-of-control R&R, we just may be the band for you. Hear it, and see it all at our website.

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