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Look Around You

by Tiger Island

Hiya! We're Tiger Island, a 5-piece garage punk band from the wilds of Yorkshire. This is our new single Look Around you - it's a fast, furious fever dream packed into less than three minutes of relentless boogie.

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by Queens & Kings

Hi! We are Queens & Kings, a rock duo from Toronto. Normally I (Alissa) play drums and Brendan plays guitar with the occasional swap, but on this track, Brendan plays both instruments AT ONCE! The music video was filmed in two abandoned locations, one now demolished. Hope you like it!

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Hey Punktastic! I'm WYSE. '3 Whole Days' offers something altogether more progressive, pulsing with tension as it documents an internal fight between wanting to bury feelings of rejection while simultaneously needing to express them somehow.

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Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward

by girlcrush

This is girlcrush! Bringing you queer punk-pop-power on our new single, Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward. It's about trans ppl struggling with mental illness and how the psychiatric hospitals (need) to be better at helping trans ppl without questioning their gender. It's from our new album out June 2nd

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Spike Heels

by Tiger Island

Hello! We're Tiger Island, a garage punk band from Leeds and this is our debut single "Spike Heels" which features guest drums from Atom Willard (Against Me!/Rocket From The Crypt/PLOSIVS). "Spike Heels" is moody groove about friendship, life in the fast lane, and great shoes!

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Nothing But A Memory


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment means your whole life stops—everything else takes a back seat while you enter battle mode. You are faced with the concept of your own mortality and identity, but there’s also the opportunity for perspective.

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The Fighter

by Rich Girls

A new single, an anthem of low-key defiance. “Fuck bigots, it’s all I thought about this year. If it’s about anything, it’s about that.” All proceeds from Bandcamp digital purchases of the single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Rustle and Racket

by Separatr

After spending years working with various drummers in our first band, The Shows, we've struck out on our own. In our backyard recording studio, we write and produce all our own music and make way more noise than two people should (with the help of our Roland SPD ONE WAV). -Stephanie and Joe

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Grim Streaker

An explosion of angular, post-punk from Brooklyn, NY.

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Sit Down

We're Sit Down, and alt rock duo from Brighton or like Abba from hell. We make heavy fuzzed up rock to get sexy to.

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