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Look Around You

by Tiger Island

Hiya! We're Tiger Island, a 5-piece garage punk band from the wilds of Yorkshire. This is our new single Look Around you - it's a fast, furious fever dream packed into less than three minutes of relentless boogie.

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An Ode To The Chair

by Torrid Horror

Torrid Horror is organ-led tropical punk show-tunes with garish and sickly horror-ballad prose. AOTTC is a revenge song. It's a story of a woman's birth, the atrocities she commits, how she fights against the constraints of her disabilities and how she ultimately lets a murderous urge consume her.

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Slow Cooker

Hi. We're SLOW COOKER and we're set to release our debut album "Do A Kickflip" on Drug Party Tapes. We're channelling garage rock through the erratic energy of early hardcore punk. Sweaty, manic, weird punk flowing like a house party in reverse.

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