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True Believer

by Clarity

From Dublin, Ireland via Tokyo, Japan; We are Clarity. We take elements of post-hardcore, pop, emo, and metalcore - with flashes of djent and electronica - to take "Core" in new directions. Our new single "True Believer" is out everywhere now!

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Clotheslined By A Nun

by Crapsons

Wirral junk punk two-piece Crapsons are back with a brand new single – “Clotheslined By A Nun” – a story of the singer Mike Markey’s encounter with a Reverend Mother of supreme bad faith and unholyness. The over-the-top rope earsplitter hits all major digital platforms via Society of Losers Records.

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Shaun is a story about Ollie's (bass) nan's boyfriend, a gentle giant with a temper who got arrested for punching a man off his bike in south London.

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by The Nightmares

Hey, We're The Nightmares and we like to mix disco and fuzzy riffs to make a horrific cacophony of melody and noise! We've been together for 3 years and have spent that time building on the idea that we can mash anything together and call it a Nightmare!

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by Mummy

Yo, Mummy here. Four piece band from South London tearing it up with a new EP. The lead track ‘Shovel’ is a dark journey digging through life, striving to find the gold without getting too filthy.

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Bit Rude

by The Horse Heads

Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 20 seconds, ‘Bit Rude’ is, according to vocalist and guitarist Ronaldo Rodriguez, “the combination of our love for hip hop and dealing with pissed up customers working behind a bar.”

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Get Real

by The Meffs


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by Traceless

We are rock trio that blend post-hardcore rock with ominous synths and classic emo pop influenced elements. Our song 'Incomplete' is about the feeling of feeling like something is missing from your life, but not knowing what that thing is or if you'll ever find it.

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Force You

by Gloo

GLOO are excited to share their new video ‘Force You’ and announce their signing to Hassle Records, reissuing their critically acclaimed album ‘A PATHETIC YOUTH’. The album will be available physically for the first time on a limited run of opaque red vinyl & CD on November 29th 2019.

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Aw Naw

by No Collusion

Hi we're a wee Punk band from Derry, Northern Ireland. We've been together almost a year and have already supported bands like Cockney Rejects, The Causalities and will be supporting IDLES frontman Joe Talbot this December. Our debut single/video reached over 40k views on Facebook.

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Kick The Clown

OI! We are Kick The Clown from Woo Town (Worcester). This is the single we released last year. It's alright...its been on a mixtape! If you like it then you should stick around. We are working on our next release and it is gunna be a great ride xxx

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SPLINTER is a modern punk band, delivering sharp, crunchy riffs tuned with rhythmic, cutting vocal satire. The drive in the hooks and melodies offer a powerful and catchy variety of songs led by intense, acidic and often humorous lyrics that drill deep into the ills of contemporary western society.

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Kid Kapichi

Hastings lads Kid Kapichi release new single 2019 today, ahead of supporting Calva Louise on their March UK tour. “It’s an angry song that comments on the state of affairs that young people of varying backgrounds are left in in Britain at the moment”, explains vocalist and guitarist Ben Beetham.

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New Rebel Cult

We are New Rebel Cult an indie/punk 4 piece based in Glasgow. We play punchy energetic tunes with infectious melodies and honest lyrics. We want to give people something to relate to, something to shout about and somthing to be apart of.

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Hi, We are a three piece punk band from Taunton in the UK. We've recently released our second album called "Inside". The first single from the album is called The Hypodermic Needle and is about our reliance on phones and TV.

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We are Crapsons. Signed by link2wales Records. Well known for our on-stage energy, we cross over heavy, distorted punchy riffs with comical, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, singing about everyday pressing topics from deaths, sheds and biscuits

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False Heads

After forming in 2016, False Heads have already received a big thumbs up from Iggy Pop and  ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields who referred to them as being “one of the best live bands in the world.” Their new EP 'Less Is Better' is out now.

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Bob Vylan

We're Bob Vylan a London based two-piece punk band that incorporates Hardcore punk, rap, and grime all into one disgustingly macabre but honestly beautiful package. We are also truly D.I.Y. meaning we produce, record, mix and master everything by ourselves. We have no outside help whatsoever.

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