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Simon Says

by Frozemode

We're Frozemode and this is our second single "Simon Says"... we don't know who Simon is, but you might?

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Ultra Violent

by The Stealers

Ultra Violent tackles the theme of teenage rebellion and angst emphasised by the dirty tone of the instruments, punchy drums and cutting vocals. It's definitely one of the most creative and professional songs we have released so far. A wall of sound that you can feel just as much as you can hear.

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by Rational Simon

Hello! Rational Simon is a Punk project made by me, Simon, from bands like Wonk Unit and Lyoness. As I have just moved country to Seattle, so being Rational is now my full time musical occupation. Here is a new song about being fed up, with a tribute video to all my friends I toured and played with!

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by Seek Harbour

Hi all, we are Seek Harbour and this is our latest EP release Wolves, this track is about giving in and hiding until the ruthless and desperate collective comes rampaging at your door- but you have nothing left to offer them.

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by The Meffs

OI OI, ITS THE MEFFS. We are noisy, we have a lot to say, and our songs are short, so if you don't like it, you can listen twice just to make sure. 'YOU'LL SEE' is the first in a string of 2021 releases, taking a jab at various societal views. You know what to do. UP THE MEFFS!

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I Don't Care

by The Penny Antics

The music video for the song 'I Don't Care' was made entirely by myself and the band's drummer. It features stop motion animation, green screening and 4K camera quality. We won 'Best Animated Film' (Over 16's) category for this video at the Harwich Festival of the Arts Film Festival on 16/11/20.

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by Vandalheart

The video has been an idea of mine for over three years and it finally came to fruition in February this year. It's a house party style video where everyone is having the time of their lives, except for me, being dissociating and melancholy throughout the video, tying in to the song's meaning.

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True Believer

by Clarity

From Dublin, Ireland via Tokyo, Japan; We are Clarity. We take elements of post-hardcore, pop, emo, and metalcore - with flashes of djent and electronica - to take "Core" in new directions. Our new single "True Believer" is out everywhere now!

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Clotheslined By A Nun

by Crapsons

Wirral junk punk two-piece Crapsons are back with a brand new single – “Clotheslined By A Nun” – a story of the singer Mike Markey’s encounter with a Reverend Mother of supreme bad faith and unholyness. The over-the-top rope earsplitter hits all major digital platforms via Society of Losers Records.

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Shaun is a story about Ollie's (bass) nan's boyfriend, a gentle giant with a temper who got arrested for punching a man off his bike in south London.

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An Ode To The Chair

by Torrid Horror

Torrid Horror is organ-led tropical punk show-tunes with garish and sickly horror-ballad prose. AOTTC is a revenge song. It's a story of a woman's birth, the atrocities she commits, how she fights against the constraints of her disabilities and how she ultimately lets a murderous urge consume her.

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We are Rock n Roll.

by We Are One

Debut single from hiphop/punk band We Are One. A unique blend of Yorkshire attitude and riffy guitars creates a storm of thought and emotion from chanty bridges to catchy chorus' this song truly sounds like no other.

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by The Nightmares

Hey, We're The Nightmares and we like to mix disco and fuzzy riffs to make a horrific cacophony of melody and noise! We've been together for 3 years and have spent that time building on the idea that we can mash anything together and call it a Nightmare!

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by Mummy

Yo, Mummy here. Four piece band from South London tearing it up with a new EP. The lead track ‘Shovel’ is a dark journey digging through life, striving to find the gold without getting too filthy.

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Bit Rude

by The Horse Heads

Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 20 seconds, ‘Bit Rude’ is, according to vocalist and guitarist Ronaldo Rodriguez, “the combination of our love for hip hop and dealing with pissed up customers working behind a bar.”

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Get Real

by The Meffs


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by Traceless

We are rock trio that blend post-hardcore rock with ominous synths and classic emo pop influenced elements. Our song 'Incomplete' is about the feeling of feeling like something is missing from your life, but not knowing what that thing is or if you'll ever find it.

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Force You

by Gloo

GLOO are excited to share their new video ‘Force You’ and announce their signing to Hassle Records, reissuing their critically acclaimed album ‘A PATHETIC YOUTH’. The album will be available physically for the first time on a limited run of opaque red vinyl & CD on November 29th 2019.

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Aw Naw

by No Collusion

Hi we're a wee Punk band from Derry, Northern Ireland. We've been together almost a year and have already supported bands like Cockney Rejects, The Causalities and will be supporting IDLES frontman Joe Talbot this December. Our debut single/video reached over 40k views on Facebook.

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Kick The Clown

OI! We are Kick The Clown from Woo Town (Worcester). This is the single we released last year. It's alright...its been on a mixtape! If you like it then you should stick around. We are working on our next release and it is gunna be a great ride xxx

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