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My Serenade

by Sleep/less

The song is about the difficulties of having multiple things going on inside your head while also trying to help someone close to you and balancing the two struggles at the same time.

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Help Me Through The Night feat. Kellin Quinn

by Written By Wolves

We are Written By Wolves from Auckland, New Zealand. This track is the first of an EP of collaborative re imaginings of songs from our debut album, 'Secrets'. It is about talking about the struggles that we are going through and trying to break down the stigma attached to mental health issues.

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Wish You Stayed

by The Haunt

Our new single is a bittersweet loveletter to touring life. I wrote it about going on tour and leaving a relationship paused. The video features footage from our UK/EU/US treks with Palaye Royale. (Anastasia Grace, vocalist)

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by Vandalheart

The video has been an idea of mine for over three years and it finally came to fruition in February this year. It's a house party style video where everyone is having the time of their lives, except for me, being dissociating and melancholy throughout the video, tying in to the song's meaning.

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Two Towns

by For Our Friends

Hey people! This track is the first single from our debut Coming To Ya EP and we couldn't be more excited about releasing music. This song is for all of our friends that love someone in a different city. Stick with it. Distance is temporary. Thanks for listening. xx

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Among The Gentiles

Hey guys! We're Among The Gentiles, we are a Pop-punk band from the Philippines and We write about things that are fun and not so fun but mostly about our struggles as people and hopes to give hope to the listener.

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As Astronauts

Hey y’all. We are As Astronauts. We’re here with the simple intention of just trying to bring some more tasty and slightly heavy pop punk into the world. We got riffs, we got screams. What more could you ask for? Check us out.

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Capitol Gallery

Hi! we're Capitol Gallery, and we have an album we plan to release in May. We've been playing locally for a few years, but have had no quantifiable record sales, as our EP's have been released for free download online. Our music tends to be upbeat and electronic, though emotionally charged.

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