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Say What You Wanna

by Dolly Dagger

Australian-Angelino artist Dolly Dagger throws down her second single “Say What You Wanna” October 22nd with pure courage, conviction and a killer instinct. For all the friendships that have long gone stale, Dolly Dagger has created an anthem that outlines modern ways to end old friendships.

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We are EVERLYNE from Melbourne. DERANGED has a more produced and heavier sound than our old stuff, which we love. Lyrically it's about a girl that is slowly losing her mind and hearing voices. The heavy riffs, high powered rhythms, hardcore accents and Mac's incredible vocals help us stand out!

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by Smash Into Pieces

With a massive track record, consisting of 5 released albums, 22 singles, over 130 million streams on Spotify and with more than 65 million views on YouTube, Smash Into Pieces have evolved into one of the fastest rising Scandinavian alternative rock bands to this date.

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Wish You Stayed

by The Haunt

Our new single is a bittersweet loveletter to touring life. I wrote it about going on tour and leaving a relationship paused. The video features footage from our UK/EU/US treks with Palaye Royale. (Anastasia Grace, vocalist)

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Black Dove

by Favvkes

Hey there, I'm Favvkes and this is my debut single Black Dove! It's an anthem of inner strength to help us through these trying times about harnessing the power you've always had within you... It's edgy and moody and I hope you love it. Best played loud ;)

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Give 'Em Hell

by Reawaken

Hey, We are Reawaken, a hard hitting, female-fronted rock band from Southampton. Our latest single 'Give 'Em Hell' is the perfect anthem for the new decade as it is about giving the finger to people who have used you in the past and how you're starting over stronger without them.

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The Story

by Infinite Eve

This is the title track from our new EP, The Story. It's the heaviest song on the EP and has elements of progressive metal with soaring female vocals! It's all layed out on a bed of seven string chunkiness, it's sure to satisfy the guitar nerd in you!

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Hana Piranha

Hana Piranha are a band that breach genre with their use of traditionally classical instrumentation, such as violin and harp, in a hard rock setting. Hana’s razor sharp violin licks are undeniably impressive, enabling that band to create a sound that is both dark and tantalising.

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Fifth Dawn

“This song is quite interesting conceptually – I was having a lot of lucid dreams at a point in my life due to various stressors, and with that came an unsettling, warped reality that became my constant dream state."

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