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I Want It All

by Sugarpunch

Inspired by bands such as Paramore and Guano Apes. Sugarpunch! launch their catchy tunes at you and blow you away with their dynamic rock sound. Standing still just isn't an option with the untamed energy that they give off on the stage. Each show is a party, guaranteed!

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by Kittenhead

Hi from Kittenhead, a truly Californian band. Kittenhead plays prog-punk with a glam edge. Don't worry, Kittenhead will purr you to sway with our sly hooks and catchy lyrics.

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Take It


Written alongside Idles' Lee Kiernan 'Take It', the new single from Bristol-based five-piece IOTA, is bursting with distorted riffs, violently pounding snares, strutting bass lines and Robinson’s raw and gritty vocals, all of which erupt together into rapturous choruses.

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Give Me Time

by Stud Count

“Give Me Time” is outright catchy with its classic, infectious, and aggressive post-punk vibe. It's a first look at their upcoming self-titled debut album coming out July 22nd via Smartpunk Records!

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Say What You Wanna

by Dolly Dagger

Australian-Angelino artist Dolly Dagger throws down her second single “Say What You Wanna” October 22nd with pure courage, conviction and a killer instinct. For all the friendships that have long gone stale, Dolly Dagger has created an anthem that outlines modern ways to end old friendships.

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Black Dove

by Favvkes

Hey there, I'm Favvkes and this is my debut single Black Dove! It's an anthem of inner strength to help us through these trying times about harnessing the power you've always had within you... It's edgy and moody and I hope you love it. Best played loud ;)

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Damn Cargo

Hi, we're Damn Cargo, from various bits of Derbyshire. Our debut EP Machine Cut is out on May 3, we recorded it with Lewis Johns (Rolo Tomassi, Muncie Girls, Palm Reader) and we're super-proud of it. Our influences are a mix of post-hardcore, grunge and pop... oh, and some dark indie too. Enjoy!

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Hana Piranha

Hana Piranha are a band that breach genre with their use of traditionally classical instrumentation, such as violin and harp, in a hard rock setting. Hana’s razor sharp violin licks are undeniably impressive, enabling that band to create a sound that is both dark and tantalising.

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Hands Off Gretel

The Yorkshire grunge pop four-piece have released a video for their new single "S.A.S.S". The video was directed by band leader and vocalist Lauren Tate, who says: "S.A.S.S is a big 'F You' to all those that have doubted you."

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Hey Musical Lovers, we're called BABYTEETH b/c we think we'll probably all fall out! Not really, we're as tight as ever, on and off the stage. We're a 5 piece London alt-rock band and this is our 2nd single, "Shame". Produced by Cam Blackwood, it smacks you around the head - play loud. Love, BT

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Quotes of the Dead

We're an Upbeat alt rock band firing out of Glasgow. With darkly satirical lyrics, and a conflict of styles from 70's rock'n'roll to 90's grunge! We have a few tracks "Twist or Stick" and "Legs Akimbo" available on our Soundcloud so check us out!

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