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by Kittenhead

Hi from Kittenhead, a truly Californian band. Kittenhead plays prog-punk with a glam edge. Don't worry, Kittenhead will purr you to sway with our sly hooks and catchy lyrics.

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Ameotoko I - The Curse

by Azure

We're a prog band from Brighton UK. We focus on storytelling with a sparkly synth aesthetic, strange melodies and loads of solos. This single, "Ameotoko I - The Curse" is a musical adaptation of an excerpt of our singer's fantasy novel. It's lowkey about the toxicity of a lot of self help rhetoric.

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"Harmony Do You Miss We"

by theLine

TheLINE came up around the So-Cal melodic punk scene of the late 90s, but their music sounds more like Rush through a post-hardcore filter. After a hiatus, they are back with a new EP "Sour To Punker"!

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Solid Gold


We're WHIMS - an instrumental rock duo that aims to create walls of sound as just two dudes. Our track Solid Gold is a perfect representation of our sound (driving riffs + hypnotic grooves wrapped in modern song structures) from our first album release.

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We are an Irish band of Limerick dwelling noise merchants consisting of Ciaran, Kieran and Kieran and we enjoy The Mighty Ducks and playing loud. Sometimes concurrently.

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