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Hands Off Gretel

The Yorkshire grunge pop four-piece have released a video for their new single "S.A.S.S". The video was directed by band leader and vocalist Lauren Tate, who says: "S.A.S.S is a big 'F You' to all those that have doubted you."

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This is the first single from Cusses sophomore album, "Golden Rat". It premiered over at Revolver Magazine, who called it "a study in what the band does best: balance darkness, light and sludgy guitar riffs."

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VNDTA unleash an appealing blend of stout riffs, gut wrenching vocals, and unbridled passion. By taking in a glut of influences from Thy Art is Murder, through to No Doubt, VNDTA have crafted a sound that is both unique and potent. The band released their explosive new EP, Pale Glow In April.

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